High and low temperature resistance and coloring properties of hollow plate plastic products

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High and low temperature resistance and coloring properties of hollow plate plastic products
       The high temperature resistance of hollow plate plastic products, compared with steel, the heat resistance of plastic products produced by hollow plate equipment is not ideal. However, as long as people choose different plastics according to their respective thermal performance characteristics, the shortcomings of poor heat resistance of plastics can be avoided. For example, polystyrene plastics are capable of making tea cups, lunch boxes and other daily necessities. If the plastic needs to be able to withstand boiling water, it is necessary to use polypropylene PP and other plastics with high heat resistance. Under the condition that the heat resistance of polypropylene is no longer sufficient, plastics with higher heat resistance should be selected. www.handern.com Hollow board equipment
       The heat resistance of plastics is examined by the following three indicators, namely heat distortion temperature, thermal decomposition temperature and heat-resistant oxygen aging performance. Therefore, it is necessary to choose plastic materials reasonably and carefully according to the heat resistance of plastics, so as to promote strengths, avoid weaknesses and play its role. www.handern.com Hollow board equipment
       Because the macromolecular structure of the main component polymer in various plastics is different from the flexibility of the molecular chain, and at the same time, its crystallinity is also different, so the low temperature resistance of various plastics is also very different. For example, unmodified polypropylene has the characteristics of low temperature brittleness, while plastics such as polycarbonate, polyphenylene ether, and polytetrafluoroethylene have low embrittlement temperatures and low temperature resistance, and are often used as engineering plastics that require cold resistance. www.handern.com Hollow board equipment
       Hollow board plastic products are transparent and easy to color. The products produced by hollow board equipment are translucent to transparent, but often plastics are opaque, which is related to additives in plastics, that is, the transparency of plastic products and the variety, formula, crystallinity, crystallization rate, crystallinity of plastic products Particle size and material thickness directly affect the transmittance and refractive index of plastics. In addition, it is related to storage and use conditions that affect the aging of plastics. For example, organic glass and polycarbonate in polyacrylic acid vinegar have high transparency; according to the formula of transparent polyvinyl chloride, transparent products such as transparent polyvinyl chloride bottles and plates can be made. Many plastics have good transparency because they are made into very thin films, such as polyester and polyolefin films. www.handern.com Hollow board equipment
        The plastic of hollow board products has the characteristics of easy coloring. After the plastic is colored, the appearance and performance of the plastic products are affected due to the composition and performance of the dye (or pigment). Even in the case of improper colorant selection, it will promote the aging of plastic materials. Therefore, the selection of colorants should be based on the variety of plastics, processing conditions, and product use environment. www.handern.com Hollow board equipment


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