Classification, performance and characteristics of Wuhan handern Photosetting Agent

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Classification, performance and characteristics of Wuhan handern Photosetting Agent

       There are many varieties of light stabilizers. According to their mechanism of action, they can be roughly divided into optical screen knockout agents, ultraviolet absorbers, extinguishers and free radical scavengers, of which ultraviolet absorption is the most important. www.handern. com breathable membrane equipment
      1. Light screen agent
        Generally refers to substances that can reflect and absorb ultraviolet rays. The addition of light naphtha makes the plastic screen hide the ultraviolet light wave, reduces the transmission effect of the outside line, so that the inside is not harmed by ultraviolet light. Carbon black, zinc oxide, some inorganic materials (such as red, titanium dioxide) and organic materials (such as cyanine blue, cyanine green, etc.), individual fillers are often used as light screen agent, black zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are commonly used light screen Agent. www.handern. com breathable membrane equipment
       (1) Wen is the most effective light shielding agent, and is also a free radical chain terminator. When selecting carbon black, the following points should be noted: ① The particle size is preferably less than 50m, and the best is 15-25m. The small particle size can improve the dispersibility and facial features: the separation in the molding material is fine by the sandalwood method Black and acetylene are better for killing black and thicker black, and fine black for furnace method can also be used: ③Supply amount, within 2% is appropriate, too much effect is not obvious, but it makes cold resistance, shock strength and electrical performance Decrease ① There is a synergistic effect with O-containing agents, but it should not be used in combination with phenolic antioxidants. www.handern. com breathable membrane equipment
       (2) The material's highly shading collar has the function of shielding or absorbing harmful wavelengths. This is because the surface of the compound containing the pigment can reflect most of the energy while absorbing residual energy. For example, the system, iron red, phthalocyanine, and cyan added to polyethylene have the above-mentioned functions, that is, they can inhibit ultraviolet light aging. When using materials, we must consider the interaction with other additives. www.handern. com breathable membrane equipment
      (3) Zinc oxide is an inexpensive, durable, non-toxic light stabilizer with a particle size of 0,1m, which is the best, especially suitable for thousands of field hydrocarbons. However, because zinc oxide is also a photoactivator, it must be used in combination with peroxide decomposers such as diethyl diamino acid formic acid, triacid (wang benzene), thiodipropionic acid dilauric acid, etc. to achieve excellent synergy effect. www.handern. com breathable membrane equipment
      2. Ultraviolet absorber
      It can strongly and selectively absorb high-energy ultraviolet light, perform energy conversion, and release energy into depleted substances in energy form or harmless low-energy radiation. The ultraviolet absorbers commonly used in the industry are: water field acid, dibenzones, benzotriazoles, triazines, substituted diene eyes, reactive absorbers, etc. Table 3-12 is the ultraviolet find absorbers Another type of performance and use is the reactive ultraviolet absorber. Generally, in the case of dibenzone and benzotriazine triads, the absorber molecules are connected with reactive active swallow groups, so that they can be copolymerized with the monomer to form a polymer connection technology, so they will not volatilize and migrate. The agent is pumped out. Its reactive groups are generally acrylic type, such as 2-(2-yl--(methylpropyl) breathable membrane equipment


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