Wuhan Handern Green Packaging Plastic Film

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Wuhan Handern Green Packaging Plastic Film
      Green is a natural feature of the earth, a basic element for the survival of humans and animals, and a symbol of environmental protection and ecological balance. The earth loses green, the environment is destroyed, the ecology is out of balance, and the living spaces of humans and animals are bound to be threatened. Therefore, green is a beautiful longing and pursuit of human beings. To this end, all walks of life must step up research and development of various green and environmentally friendly products in order to meet the requirements of environmental protection, and green packaging has emerged at the historic moment. Green packaging has naturally become the goal of the current and future packaging industry. Green packaging materials are the key to implementing green packaging, and green packaging plastic films are important. www.handern.com Hollow board equipment
        The implementation of green packaging is not only a need for environmental protection, but also an important means to enhance the stamina of the packaging industry and improve its competitiveness. Due to the increasingly severe pollution, people's environmental awareness has increased, so when buying goods, not only pay attention to benefits and health, but also keen to buy products that are not harmful to the environment. In many developed countries, commodities with environmental labels or no pollution to the environment are particularly favored by consumers. www.handern.com Hollow board equipment At the same time, all products marked with a green mark are easy to be accepted by foreign companies in foreign trade, and can receive preferential tariffs and prices; on the contrary, products without a green mark, some foreign companies may refuse to sell In terms of price, due to the importance of environmental protection in various countries, the World Trade Organization, relevant trade agreements, and the International Organization for Standardization have corresponding regulations, so green packaging is also one of the powerful means of international marketing. Therefore, green packaging has also become an industry in various countries. One of the policy content. The main requirements of the International Environmental Protection Development Organization for new packaging should be summarized to meet the "4R" requirements: that is, reduce or less material consumption, refilling of large containers (Refill), recycling (Recycle) and resources. "Recover" and "Degradable" should be added when it cannot be recycled. www.handern.com Hollow board equipment
      The above discussion clearly shows that plastic is one of the important packaging materials. In terms of quantity, it is second only to paper and cardboard, and plastic film is the most widely used and most widely used plastic packaging material. On the reverse side, it is also one of the sources of pollution that pollutes the environment. Most of the current plastics are not degradable, so they are more harmful than paper and cardboard. However, in the manufacturing process of paper and cardboard, the discharge of sewage is more serious. www.handern.com hollow board equipment, so the paper is not reasonable and comprehensive. And all walks of life should be improved and improved according to the requirements of "4R" to meet the requirements of environmental protection, as well as plastic packaging films. Therefore, advocating green packaging starts with me and Wuhan Modern Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. www.handern.com Hollow board equipment


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