Basic concepts and requirements of Wuhan Handern antistatic agent

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Basic concepts and requirements of Wuhan Handern antistatic agent

     There are two ways to prevent plastics from conducting electricity. One is to suppress the generation of electric charge, and the other is to increase the leakage of electric charge. There are three methods used: (1) adjust the temperature of the air: (2) remove electricity with a static remover (3) the surface conduction method is to make the surface of the molding material with a substance that can eliminate static electricity-an antistatic agent. Plastic building template
     1. Definition and function of antistatic agent
     The chemical substance added to reduce the resistance of the surface layer of plastic products and prevent the harm of static electricity is called antistatic Liu. Antistatic agent is a surfactant, which has one or several polar groups in the chemical structure, that is, hydrophilic groups and one or several non-polar groups, that is, water-based (or lipophilic group) ). The antistatic agent is only partially compatible with the plastic, making it easy to migrate to the surface of the product to form a molecular layer of antistatic agent. Other functions are as follows: plastic building template
     (1) A smooth antistatic agent molecular layer is formed on the plastic surface to reduce friction and thereby reduce the generation of electric charge. . Plastic building template
     (2) The antistatic agent molecular layer formed on the plastic surface is a conductive layer, which can quickly dissipate static electricity along the conductive layer without being aggregated
     (3) The antistatic agent itself has a charge, which can cause electrical neutralization, thereby eliminating static electricity.
     2. The basic requirements of antistatic agent hope that the antistatic agent can meet the following requirements
      (1) Stable at molding temperature, no decomposition, no smoke, no coloring
      (2) Does not reduce the molding performance, does not reduce the physical properties of plastics, does not affect the transparency of plastics. . Plastic building template
      (3) Does not affect the discovery of other additives
      (4) No corrosion and wear forming equipment, easy to operate
      (5) Not excessively penetrating the surface, does not cause stickiness, does not spray frost, does not hinder the printability, heat sealability, decoration and other secondary processability of the plastic
      (6) Colorless, odorless, and inexpensive.
     2. Specific requirements of antistatic agent
     Antistatic agents can be divided into internal and external antistatic agents from the perspective of use. Internal anti-static is to mix it with other additives and plastics to form and process, so it is also known as mixed antistatic agent, and its durability is good, so it is also called "water durable" antistatic agent. The external antistatic agent is formulated into a solution and then applied to the surface of the plastic by coating, spraying, dipping, etc. An ideal internal antistatic agent should meet the following basic requirements
    (1) Good heat resistance, can withstand molding temperature
    (2) There is proper compatibility with the resin, no need for spraying
    (3) Can be used together with other additives without compromising their performance and the properties of the molding materials
   (4) It is easy to mix and does not cause difficulty in molding, and does not cause blocking when using thin and thin sheets
   (5) Non-toxic or low-toxic, cheap.
    As an ideal external antistatic agent, it should have the following basic requirements: ① There is a soluble or dispersible solvent; ② It is firmly bonded to the surface of the molding material, does not fish, and is resistant to friction and washing. ③ The antistatic effect is good. It is also effective in low temperature and low humidity environments. ④ Does not cause discoloration of plastic products, good hands, no skin irritation, low toxicity and low price. . Plastic building template


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