Production of films from blends of high barrier materials

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Production of films from blends of high barrier materials
          One, two benefits
(resin or inorganic) and resin with low barrier properties, mixed in a certain ratio
It can improve the barrier properties of the film. This is the easiest way to improve the barrier properties of plastic 4 film.
Method, but the increase in barrier properties is limited. After blending HDPE with LDPE, the density of the LDPE film is increased.
The oxygen transmission rate of the film will also reduce the corresponding amount of '20 metallocene polypropylene (mPP) with ordinary polypropylene homopolymer.
Mixing, the oxygen transmission rate of the polypropylene film can be reduced by 509o 'J '·' "". Six"
    Blending with inorganic nanomaterials and synthetic resins to improve the barrier properties of the film is an item in the research and development stage.
Head. According to the information, ‘Eastma’ Chemical Company of the United States and Nanoco’s company have fewer people in PET.
Nanoclay can significantly change the strength, barrier properties and heat resistance of PET, but does not affect the light transmission of the film.
Sex; the United States WI", plastic section with this 4 reading, ''wood use ring IN 7E with 10,000 law, let Jiaxiong add 3% to 5%
Nanoclay, 'and uniformly dispersed in PA resin (equivalent to Ig of nano-blight, dispersed in 750 ore
On the surface area, it can make the material have strong resistance to moisture, various gases and perfume substances.
use. , from "·, a rt, ·":. ‘了刁
8.2 occlusion coating (plating) layer
.11 cup·
                                          ,’ '4900 Nf Ming
  A film surface is directly coated (plated) with a barrier layer.
The Xu (w) coated film can be directly used as a composite barrier film product.
Film-bonded substrate. , Ju, : Total}.,· ‘One,
Can effectively improve the suction properties of the film,
, can also be used as a dry composite membrane, extrusion complex
    There are two main types of composite membranes: inorganic barrier coatings, such as vacuum aluminized membranes.
Membrane), vacuum-coated silicon oxide (or SiO) film; coated with high barrier resin such as PVDC
(or vacuum metallization
Apply a film, etc.
    I. Vacuum aluminum plating (metal) film wonderful;, '‘·,,,”
    Using vacuum coating technology, depositing metal vapor on the surface of the plastic film,
The treatment can significantly improve the barrier property of the film, and its barrier property is close to that of the aluminum box.
The performance change is shown in Table 8-6, .j wear) fly 1’,
Ak -c', %. Blade ‘‘1’
Metallization of the film
Resistance before and after film aluminum plating
  Turtle poison
      2. Vacuum plating SiO two film
    The silicon oxide (or SiOs) used for the coating is Si203 and Si3 0. mixture. Using physical deposition or
  The chemical deposition method can coat the surface of BOPET, BOPP and other films with S 0f (coating thickness is 100nm) o
  Plating SiO on the surface of the film is equivalent to applying a layer of glass to the film, while keeping the film transparent.
Has a very low oxygen and water vapor transmission rate. Its oxygen transmission rate is 2mL / (m2 " 24h), water vapor transmission
The rate is about 2-3 years old (m 2·24h), and has good resistance to retort, disinfection and flexing.
It can perform properties such as microwave food processing. However, vacuum SiO 2 equipment is very expensive and limited.
Its promotion and application. According to the data, the domestic enterprise has developed the plasma chemical vapor deposition technology.
Based on the Si0: rod which can be continuously supplied as an evaporation source, it is heated by a laser electron beam gun. On the surface of the film
Xu coated Sioz (thickness only a few tens of nanometers) made of high barrier film. .}
        3. PVDC Xuan Membrane
      PVDC coated film is coated on one or both sides of plastic film (BOPP, BOPET, PE, PA, etc.)
  Search for high barrier films of PVDC emulsions. PVDC emulsions are classified into water-dispersed emulsions and solvent-based emulsions.
  PVDC Xu film is mostly used for cigarette packaging, and a small part is used for food and pharmaceutical packaging.
      (1) Production process of PVDC coated film PVDC emulsion is coated on plastic film, and there are various coatings.
The method is mainly air knife type Xu cloth and gravure (positive, reverse) coating. The main process requirements are: high speed
a cloth, the coating amount can be adjusted, the coating is uniform, and the coating precision is high.
    Since the coating liquid of the PVDC coating film is a water-based PVDC emulsion, its adhesion on the surface of the plastic film
Very poor. Therefore, the plastic film must be surface corona treated before coating, pre-coated solvent-type polyurethane
Cat mixture or solvent-based PVDC emulsion. J, two,:
    The production process of PVDC Xu film is as follows:
    Substrate-surface corona treatment*Pre-coated polyamine vinegar cat mixture*Drying*Coating PVDC emulsion*Infrared
Drying, drying * coiling leaves ripening * finished products
    If double coating is required
PVDC emulsion. ‘
PVDC, the reverse side of the single-sided coating can be repeated, the above process is repeated.


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