Adaptability of high barrier film and hybrid modification of plastics

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Adaptability of high barrier film
      High barrier film as a functional plastic film. Its goal is to have high resistance to gas and water swallow.
  Separation. But as the end use of the product, mainly soft packaging materials for food and medicine, it has to meet
  Technical requirements for product packaging and packaging operations. Therefore, the performance of high barrier films should be highly adapted.
  Sex. ::
      Different barrier resins have different gas permeability and water vapor transmission rate. Some high barrier resins such as
  EVOH, PA, although the gas permeability is small, it is easy to absorb air moisture, and the water vapor transmission rate is also higher.
Large; ordinary polyolefin resin has a large gas permeability, but has good moisture resistance and a small water vapor transmission rate.
Therefore, the barrier film with better barrier properties is not made of a single resin, but a plurality of resin complexes.
Composite multilayer film. Dress up one. One t. '!
    The barrier film should meet the requirements of product packaging and packaging operations, and should also have high heat seal strength and easy formation.
Type processing, easy to seal and easy to expose, no leakage, easy to print and other properties. Therefore, even multiple layers with the same barrier properties
The barrier film has a different layer structure depending on the application.
    In order to improve the market competitiveness of barrier films, the cost of barrier films should be controlled. Because some blocking trees
The price of fat is "such as the price of PVDC resin, which is 2-4 times the price of general-purpose resin."
Increased thickness of the barrier. Although it can improve its barrier properties, it will cause the application of the diaphragm due to the high cost.
Fan You is limited. Therefore, the multilayer barrier is produced at the time of production. It should also control the total thickness of the thin raft and the thickness of each layer.

    High barrier material
Mixed compound production film
(resin or inorganic) and resin with low barrier properties, mixed in a certain ratio
It can improve the barrier properties of the film. This is the easiest way to improve the barrier properties of plastic films.
Method, but the increase in barrier properties is limited. After blending H DPE with LDPE, the density of the LDPE film is increased.
The oxygen transmission rate of the film is also reduced accordingly. r} I0 metallocene polypropylene (mPP) is co-polymerized with common polypropylene homopolymer.
Mixing, can reduce the oxygen transmission rate of polypropylene film by 50% Yin'rlub, II 1:i
.tf blends inorganic nanomaterials with synthetic resins to improve the barrier properties of the film.
Head. According to the information, 'Eastman Chemical Company of the United States and Nanoco' company, in the PET, mixed with less
Nanoclay, can significantly change the strength of PET, resistance to heat of the heart, but does not affect the light transmission of the film
Sex; RTP plastic compounding company in the country ‘Using a special compounding method, adding 3% to 5%
Nanometer dry soil, 'and evenly dispersed in
Surface area), the material can be made to moisture
Resin (equivalent to the nano-tano of the altar, respected at 750m2
, all kinds of gas and fragrance materials, have strong resistance to
      4 feet Y* often printed ‘Na


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