Characteristics and methods of dry composite

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Dry compounding is a coating process that uniformly coats the two coatings on the surface of the film substrate.
The same as the substrate, a method for producing a composite material under pressure.
And then will not both
The same point is: dry compounding is the first rubber, 'dry, post-composite;
, sweat composite and wet composite maximum
The production process of dry composite membrane is shown in Figure 8-2.
The wet type of food is first compounded and then dried.
I. Characteristics of the composite
Multi-layer barrier film produced by composite process
    1) The composite is a film and a film,
Vacuum-coated silicon film, etc.)
Compared with other processes
Or thin film and non-film substrates (such as aluminum foil, vacuum aluminized film,
The key to its production is the choice of coating agent and the amount of coating;
  The performance of the barrier depends on the barrier properties of the film and substrate;
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  "A3" The biggest difference between dry composite and coextrusion composite is that the outer film of the dry composite membrane can be carried out.
Surface printing, so that the printed graphic is in the inner layer of the composite film, so that the surface of the composite film is more beautiful, and the printed image is not easy to wipe.
Loss; dry composite film can be made of aluminum foil, metallized film, etc., making the composite barrier film more excellent
Barrier performance; one thousand
    In the production process of dry composite barrier film, the amount of cat combined amount is related to the coating operation process.
Such as the thickness and depth of the mesh of the Xubu anilox roller; the angle and pressure of the coating roller and the scraper;
The amount of the cat and its size; the pressure of the composite roll; the linear velocity of the composite traction. Drilling method
There are direct roll coating, kiss coating, groove roller coating, offset roller coating, reverse roller coating and the like. Generally adopting concave phase roller coating and
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(2) Dry composite substrate
Aluminum, sio-plated film.
The substrate of the dry composite barrier film includes a film, an aluminum box, and vacuum plating
1) Film. The film substrate can be extruded and blown.
Production by extrusion casting. Common film substrate
We generally meet the following requirements:
The surface of the film is flat, the thickness deviation is small, and the surface is clean and free of pollution.
The surface wetting tension after corona treatment is 38 -42mN/
No wrinkles
Defects such as hot edges; film
; film processing (drying)
Long or shrinkage; moisture sensitive film substrates should be packaged in moisture-proof packaging and stored in thousands of operations.
use immediately.
At temperature
Must be opened after opening
2) Aluminum foil. Aluminum foil is a metal formed by high-purity aluminum after repeated calendering. It is divided into hard aluminum inertia.
For the blister packaging of pharmaceuticals and soft aluminum foil (composite flexible packaging material) o performance of aluminum box is shown in Table 3.
The amount of the compounding agent should be controlled in an appropriate amount and uniformly coated on the surface of the film.
!.5 a 55m. The dry composite barrier film used for packaging is generally coated in:
The thickness of the drilled layer is about
    In the production process of dry composite barrier film
Such as the thickness and depth of the wire of the coated anilox roller;
Volume and the size of the cat; the pressure of the composite roll
What is the total amount of cats?
Related to the coating operation process
The angle and pressure of the coating roller and the scraper;
; the linear speed of composite traction and so on.
There are direct roll coating, kiss coating, groove roller coating, offset roller coating, reverse roller coating and the like.
Reverse roll coating.
Drilling mixture solids
a mixture coating method
Generally using a concave roller coating and
    2) The amount of cat mixture. The amount of the binder is also referred to as the coating amount. It coats the film with a unit area
The solid amount of the mixture is expressed. The amount of H mixture agent for dry composite barrier film, and the end use of the product, composite film
Post-processing conditions are related to the amount of surface film printing ink. When the dry compounding is insufficient, the amount of coating will be insufficient.
Poor relay, ‘easy delamination; poor heat sealing during composite film bag making; leaks when the retort pouch is boiled. Dry
In the case of compounding, the coating amount is too large, and if the w layer is too thick, the peeling strength of the composite film is also lowered. Therefore, dry
Peel strength under strength, hot water and cooking conditions, peel strength during grease resistance, pressurization and heating conditions
The peel strength underneath.
    In addition, in order to reduce the cost of the cat mixture, the food hygiene performance of the dry composite film can also be used without solvent.
A chelating agent, an aqueous emulsion (polyvinyl alcohol), an alcohol-soluble (polyurethane, etc.), and the like. However, the
Due to the small combined force, poor processing and narrow application range, the cat-like mixture is still being researched and improved. common
The dry compound cat mixture is shown in Table 8-8. Second, inside, :. ‘,.
  The main agent mainly uses polyacetic acid, some carbamic acid modified polystyrene, polyether and modified ether.
Resin such as vinegar. In some cases, these resins may be used in a certain ratio. If polyurethane resin
Acrylic acid M, compounds such as epoxides and siloxanes may be added when i}% & regulations are limited. Aromatic milk
The nickname is not in the "warm-sterilized ordinary food packaging; the aliphatic family. The mixture can be used in the sorghum donation Lu Liqin
Boiled food packaging. ------- One,,, one, one by one. . . ~.2~
The curing agent is a prepolymer composed of a compound of polyisocyanate.
Organic solvents such as ethyl vinegar. When choosing a solvent, consider the solvent and substrate,
C}J mixture of thinner is often used acetic acid
Affinity (solvent and resin solubility reference are similar),
Printing inks, additives, etc. have better
The formulated adhesive has a faster drying speed.
    Different components, component ratios and addition amounts of the chelating agent can be used to prepare E-mixing agents for different uses. Currently,
The dry composite cat mixture has become mature, and a two-component polyurethane glue is commonly used. Main agent and curing before use
The agent is stored separately. When used, mix according to the proportion of the formula, then dilute with solvent (ethyl acetate), and
The compounding process remains the same cat.
    When selecting H.J mixture, the main consideration is the peel strength of the composite film under the conditions of use, which includes initial stripping.
Peel strength; peel strength under heat or low temperature, peel strength after tensioning, peeling after resistance to chemicals or chemicals


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