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Wuhan Handern Dairy Packaging
     Dairy crystals include milk: dry road, yogurt, ice cream, cream, margarine and yogurt. www.handern.com hollow board equipment
     1. Milk packaging
     The packaging of milk in North America is very different from Europe. In North America, a large number of milk is used in cars, compiled to every household, and delivered to each household in containers for users to use. A small amount of milk is packed in glass bottles. The glass bottles are recyclable. However, this kind of packaging is not suitable for sale in supermarkets and food stores. The glass bottles are too heavy, fragile, and lack proper sealing. In Maine and Canada in the 1940s, light-weight cardboard boxes with tops that were not recycled were used to package milk. The first cardboard boxes were made of wax-coated cardboard. Looking at the current standard meters, the sealing performance was poor, and it was easy to Milk can sometimes have a waxy smell due to leakage. In the 1960s, paraffin wax was replaced by LDPE, which can solve the problem of desire and waxy smell. At this time, the use of glass bottles for packaging milk began to decrease, because carton packaging of milk is disposable , Not recycled and reused, more convenient, lighter in weight, low in transportation cost, not easy to break, popular with people, glass bottled milk is modified. Blow-molded HDPE and LDPE jars, as the cost gradually approaches the coated cardboard, instead of other milk packaging, especially the 3.785L (1 plus warehouse) packaging size, plastic jars are more suitable for children Heavy use. So far, the coated cardboard box is still used on milk packaging under 1.892L. (half gallon) because of the lower cost and better environmental acceptance. www.handern.com Hollow Board Equipment
      In the 1960s, PE film was used for forming, filling and sealing machines for bottom and top sealing for milk tubular bag packaging, which gradually replaced PE film for packaging of plastic bottles as packaging materials for forming, filling and heat sealing machines. When packing Xi body products, heat sealing is not a problem, because it will not pollute the heat cover, but the milk used in the liquid will pollute the heat cover, which affects the heat sealing fastness and heat sealing reliability. The size of most bags is three small packages and then packed in a large outer packaging bag. When the milk is about to be poured out, use scissors to cut a corner of the top bag corner, and pour the fixed handle and bracket outside the curtain into the jug. The use of LLDPE resin on the milk packaging bag not only provides strength for the milk bag, but also The pinhole nature also enables the milk film to be heat-sealed, which can be produced on the high-speed production line of the milk product factory, because DPE has greater thermal viscosity and can be heat-sealed even if the heat cover is contaminated. www.handern.com Hollow Board Equipment
      The packaging of liquid milk products includes whole milk products: low-fat, non-fat, flavored milk, cream, milk fat, and eggs. The packaging principle is: www.handern.com hollow board equipment
     ①No leakage occurs in the breaking-resistant packaging container
     ② Ensure that no external impurities invade the contents. www.handern.com Hollow Board Equipment
     ③There must be an easy way to take out the product; the freezing pot life of liquid pasteurized milk products is related to the storage temperature, the degree of penetration of the packaging to the environment, and the amount of natural bacteria present in the finished product. The freezing pot life is about 14 days If the post-pasteurization treatment is good, clean and sterile, the shelf life of this kind of freezing can reach 16-20d. If it is to be stored at room temperature for several months, it can only be processed and produced at a higher temperature. Ultra-high temperature milk", this kind of milk is first pasteurized. Then increase the temperature to a short time of 1~3s to kill the high temperature of the bacteria, then cool it, and quickly enter the vacuum chamber. When it is packaged in an unobstructed container, such as HDPE jars, this type of packaged milk The frozen storage period will be longer. www.handern.com Hollow Board Equipment


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