Wuhan Handern Profile Extrusion Process

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Wuhan Handern Profile Extrusion Process

      Profiles are mostly used in the production of plastic window frames. There are currently three types of materials for plastic window frames: www.handern.com PET sheet equipment
      (1) PVC
      (2) Polyurethane low foam material;
      (3) Modified polyphenylene oxide (PPO). But PVC is the most, accounting for more than 90%, so the production of PVC window frames is taken as an example to briefly introduce the processing technology of profiled materials. www.handern.com PET sheet equipment
      1. Reference example of formula for rigid PVC window frame
      As a PVC window frame plastic, its formula is characterized by adding modified resin. Mainly use CPE and EVA, and some are modified with acrylic resin. Table 9-33 lists the formula of impact-resistant white window frame of EVA modified PVC of G.M. enzel company of Federal Germany. www.handern.com PET sheet equipment
      2. Hard PVC window frame processing
      (1) When raw materials are prepared to use a mixture of modifiers such as EVA and GPE and PVC, they present a honeycomb structure with a linear structure of EVA in PVC. Therefore, the raw materials need to be mixed to achieve full mixing. The mixing conditions will affect the impact resistance of the products to a large extent. According to the analysis of electron microscopy, the aggregate structure of the EVA-PVC mixture with high impact strength is similar to the honeycomb-type porous structure. Strong absorbing ability. When the mixing time is long, the porous structure of the PVC system is destroyed and tends to be homogenized. The impact absorption of this homogenized system is equivalent to that of pure PVC. www.handern.com PET sheet equipment
       2) Some hard PVC window frames are extruded with single screw extruder. At present, twin screw extruder is widely used. The advantages of twin screw extrusion process are: ①Low molding temperature, poor shear of extrusion melt Small ②The powder is evenly mixed in the barrel, which can prevent melt backflow and resin degradation. ③When changing the formula, the twin screw is highly adaptable and easy to adjust; ④Save 20-30% of energy. www.handern.com PET sheet equipment
       The extrusion molding conditions directly affect the performance of the product, so it is necessary to find the best process conditions. Taking the processing conditions of twin-screw extrusion as an example, the temperature change of the barrel and the die has a significant effect on the impact strength of the product. www.handern.com PET sheet equipment


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