Wuhan Handern Wrap Film Co-extrusion Casting

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Wuhan Handern Wrap Film Co-extrusion Casting
  1. Material selection and performance
      Stretch film must have high toughness, puncture resistance and good self-adhesiveness, so the choice of raw materials is very important. www.handern.com Non-woven equipment
     Linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) resin has a chain-like molecular structure, narrow relative molecular mass distribution, and short and few branches. The structural characteristics make it have excellent physical properties, such as impact strength, puncture resistance, low-temperature impact resistance, etc., and good self-adhesiveness if the process is handled properly. Since these characteristics can meet the performance requirements of stretch film, LLDPE is chosen as the raw material. In addition, the melt flow rate (MFR) and density of LLDPE are also closely related to film properties. If the resin MFR value is too high, the puncture resistance of the film will decrease, and the self-adhesiveness will be low; on the contrary, the film will be difficult to form, which will easily cause serious shrinkage and affect production efficiency. After repeated trials, it is better to choose the MFR value of LLDPE around 2g10min. www.handern.com Non-woven equipment
2. Product structure design
      Wrap films are divided into double-sided sticky stretch films and single-sided sticky stretch films. The double-sided adhesive stretch film has excellent self-adhesive properties on both sides. It is suitable for wrapping and packaging of angular items. The film is not affected by the edges and corners of the items. The strapping operator can freely adjust the stretching force to keep the goods as one body; One side of the sticky stretch film has excellent self-adhesiveness, and the other side is smooth, suitable for non-tray packages
Packaging, carpets and green fodder. www.handern.com Non-woven equipment
      The above two types of wrapping film can be produced by the multi-layer co-extrusion casting method. There are 3 types of structures: A/A2/A3, A1/B/A2, ABC (A, B, and C are 3 materials). Generally, the structure of the film is designed according to the requirements of the application. For example, the structure of the double-sided adhesive stretch film is: AB/A. The main consideration is that the outer layer resin (A layer) must have viscosity and toughness, and the middle layer resin (B layer) has Load retention and compatibility, etc., this structural design can fully meet the requirements of double-sided sticky stretch film. In short, the biggest advantage of the co-extrusion method is to integrate the excellent characteristics of various materials, so as to meet the requirements of packaging various items and make the application field wider. www.handern.com Non-woven equipment


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