Wuhan Handern Calendering Process

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Wuhan Handern Calendering Process

1. Process flow
       With the high-speed and automated process of calendering, various special production lines that can adapt to different calendered products have been developed, such as soft polyvinyl chloride film technology: hard polyvinyl chloride film technology; calendering film technology that can simultaneously laminate films or other textiles ; PVC-asbestos floor tile technology, etc. www.handern.com Non-woven equipment
2. Formula
    (1) Formula design principles In addition to the general principles of formula design, the calendering formula design should refer to the general principles of formula design, such as meeting the physical and mechanical properties and process performance of the product, and meeting the constraints of resources and prices. The components are selected and coordinated for ballast. www.handern.com Non-woven equipment
     ① Polyvinyl chloride resin with high resin molecular weight and low dispersibility is undoubtedly beneficial to improve the physical and mechanical properties of the product. But the higher the molecular weight, the higher the processing temperature required. Therefore, the choice of material grades should not only take care of the product quality, but also take into account the convenience and possibility of processing. Generally, type resin is optional for soft films, and type II is sometimes used. Hard film and sheet can use W-type or T-type resin. www.handern.com Non-woven equipment
     ②The plasticizer is within a certain range. The more plasticizer, the lower the viscosity of the material and the better the processing technology. The total amount of plasticizer for calendered film is generally controlled at 48-52%. The large heat consumption of DBP will reduce the heat resistance and light resistance of the film and shorten the service life of the film. It is usually not used abroad. Resins with poor plasticization properties still need to be used in small amounts, and special attention should be paid to the number and varieties of plasticizers used as raincoat films and agricultural films. For transparent products, cadmium-barium is generally used; for opaque products, lead-barium soap is used. www.handern.com Non-woven equipment
     ③The stabilizer should pay attention to the problem of precipitation, that is, a layer of wax is attached to the surface of the roller. The higher the temperature, the more serious the precipitation. The reasons for precipitation are: 1) improper selection of stabilizers, poor compatibility with resin and plasticizer systems; 2) stabilizer molecules are mostly polar and non-polar, and this molecular structure has an affinity for metals; 3 ) Improper proportioning with other components such as materials and lubricants. www.handern.com Non-woven equipment
     For the folding out of the stabilizer, the following matters should be paid attention to when designing the formula. 1) Use an appropriate stabilizer. Generally speaking, the higher the positive charge of the polar gene in the stabilizer molecule, the easier it is to form wax. Generally, barium has a high positive charge, and cadmium is small, and a barium-cadmium stabilizer with a predominant cadmium content is usually used in the formulation of smaller zinc. If the requirements are still not met, a small amount of zinc stearate can be added. 2) Incorporating fillers that attract more metal soaps. 3) Add acidic lubricant. Such substances have stronger affinity for metals, protect and lubricate metal soaps, and usually add stearic acid. Cadmium lubricant should not be too much, so as not to affect the printability and weldability. www.handern.com Non-woven equipment


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