Principles and Features of Wuhan Modern Injection Molding

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Principles and Features of Wuhan Modern Injection Molding

1. Principle of injection molding
       Injection molding refers to the injection of raw materials (usually granular materials) in a heated material, heated, compression-plasticized, and pressure is applied by a screw or plunger, so that the melt is injected into the material through the nozzle at the end of the material. Fill the mold cavity with the required shape of the mold, and then release the mold after cooling and shaping to obtain a product with the required shape. This process is achieved through injection molding machines and molds. Generally, we refer to plastics, injection molding machines and molds as the three elements of injection molding, and the molding pressure, molding temperature and molding cycle are referred to as the three principles of injection molding. When evaluating its importance, the former is 30% and the latter is 0%. It is also said that controlling process conditions is the most important. Non-woven machine
      The requirements of the injection materials are that they can melt and flow under the action of heat and pressure, so most of the thermoplastics and thermosetting plastics can be applied to the injection molding process. The injection molding of thermosetting plastics has been introduced in the third section of Chapter 8, so this Mongolia only involves the injection molding of thermoplastics. Non-woven machine
      1. Basic principles of injection molding
      The working condition of the injection machine is as follows: the resin is added to the feeding device of the hot material. There is a plunger or screw driven by the injection cylinder in the material cylinder, which can send the material to the heating zone of the material barrel, where the material is softened and heated to the required temperature. When the plunger or screw is pushed, the thermoplastic melt is injected into the closed mold under pressure. The injection molding system is fixed on the mounting template of the injection machine. The clamping system ensures the closing of the injection mold and provides the necessary mold force for the injection machine. The injection machine is equipped with a time adjustment system, which can control the operation procedure of the injection cycle. Non-woven machine


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