The working principle of Wuhan Hyundai thermosetting plastic injection molding

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The working principle of Wuhan Hyundai thermosetting plastic injection molding

       Thermosetting materials are superior to many thermoplastic materials due to their high thermal properties, excellent electrical properties and resistance to deformation, so their output and applications have been rising steadily. However, this type of plastic products have long relied on compression molding, resulting in low production efficiency, high labor intensity, and product quality that is not easy to stabilize, which cannot meet the needs of production development. After the 1960s, thermoplastic injection molding was successfully transplanted into thermosetting plastic processing in production, and it was applied. Non-woven equipment
       1. Working principle
      The thermosetting material not only changes in physical state during heating, but also chemically changes. The thermosetting plastic molecules added to the injection molding machine during injection are initially linear or branched, with reactive groups on the molecular chain, which will first become a less viscous plastic body after being heated in the injection molding machine material. The plunger (or screw) pushes into the cavity. After entering the cavity, the plastic is continuously heated. At this time, the plastic undergoes a cross-linking reaction through the action of the reactive group and the added curing agent, so that the linear resin gradually becomes a body structure, forming a huge molecule, and the reaction is low. Molecular substances (such as water, ammonia, etc.). After the product hardens, it can be taken out of the touch. It can be seen from the above reaction characteristics: (1) The molding temperature must be strictly controlled (when the temperature is low, the plasticization of the material is not good, the fluidity is poor, and the higher the temperature will reduce the fluidity or even harden), usually using constant temperature control Water heating system; (2) Thermosetting plastics have low molecular weight precipitation during the cross-linking reaction in the mold, so the clamping part of the injection molding machine should meet the requirements of operation; (3) The residence time of thermosetting plastics in the mold should not be too long , Strictly prevent premature hardening, usually multi-mold replacement can be used (4) The injection pressure and clamping force of the injection molding machine should be greater than that of the injection molding machine of the model thermoplastic material. non-woven equipment non-woven equipment


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