Wuhan Handern Transfer Molding

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Wuhan Handern Transfer Molding

I. Overview
      The main molding method of thermosetting plastics is compression molding, but this method has a series of shortcomings, such as a long production cycle: the dimensional accuracy of the parts is not as good as that of thermoplastic injection molding; at the same time, it is not suitable for the production of fine inserts and structures Complex pieces. In order to overcome the above shortcomings, referring to the experience of thermoplastic injection molding, transfer molding and injection molding of thermosetting plastics have appeared. www.handern.com Hollow board equipment
      The feature of evangelism molding is that the plastic flows into the closed cavity with lower pressure in the plastic state. Therefore, transfer molding has the following advantages: ① The flash at the parting surface is thin and easy to remove; ② The material can be quickly and evenly penetrated and hardened in the mold. When the wall thickness of the plastic parts is the same, the hardening time is only 1/3 to 1/5 of the compression molding, so the molding cycle is short. ③ Can mold thin, high, and complex inserts with large parts : ④ The dimensional accuracy of the molded parts is high; ⑤ The wear of the mold is small and the service life is long. Disadvantages are: ① more material is consumed for transfer molding than compression molding, because there will be a small amount of residual material in the cavity after die casting; ② the structure of the compression mold is more complicated than the structure of compression molding, so the cost is higher; ③ pressure The loss is large, which requires high molding pressure. www.handern.com Hollow board equipment
      The requirement of preaching molding is that before reaching the curing temperature, the plastic should have greater fluidity, and after reaching the curing temperature, it must have a faster curing speed. Thermosetting plastics such as phenolic formaldehyde, melamine formaldehyde, urea formaldehyde epoxy resin, unsaturated polyester, polyallyl phthalate, etc. can be met. The transfer molding process is similar to the injection molding of thermoplastics. The difference is that the plastic is heated and melted in the cavity of the mold, rather than being plasticized in the barrel of the injection machine. www.handern.com Hollow board equipment
      Transfer molding is to add thermosetting pressed plastic or pre-pressed material into the material cavity installed on the closed mold, so that it is softened by heat, and under the pressure of the pressure column matched with the material cavity, the molten plastic passes through The injection gate at the bottom of the material cavity and the flow channel and gate of the mold flow into the type control, complete the chemical reaction in the cavity and solidify and shape, and the part is obtained after demolding. www.handern.com Hollow board equipment


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