Wuhan Handern PVDC composite membrane

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Wuhan Handern PVDC composite membrane

       While stirring the diluent, add human resin to form a slurry, and then slowly pour into the solvent. Before dissolving, heat the solvent slightly to speed up the dissolution. Mixing must be covered to prevent the solvent from escaping. The formulated paint will produce a small amount of sediment after a period of inactivity. Generally, the prepared paint is required to be used within 48h to ensure the coating effect. www.handern.com Hollow board equipment
      Plasticizers can be added to the latex in order to make the coating film have initial and softness or need to improve low temperature performance. Generally speaking, polymeric plasticizers, such as FyCr* plasticizers (Hycar I reactive liquid polymer, product of BF-goodrich, USA), have little effect on the gas barrier properties of PVDC, but on certain resins, such as Saran F resin can also use solvent-based phthalate, sebacate, and aditriate.
      Adding 1% to 2.5% wax in the latex paint formulation can greatly improve the slip and anti-blocking properties. One or two or more waxes with a mixture of saturated and unsaturated fatty acid amides with 12 to 22 carbon atoms are selected. www.handern.com Hollow board equipment
      (2) The quality requirements of PVDC latex should be as follows before using I PVDC coated latex
       1) Coating property, the BOPP film (20pm) whose surface has been oxidized, coated with urethane adhesive in acetic acid column test B solution, the coating amount is about 0.3gm2, and dried in a hot air oven at 80℃ 30, and then coat the coated surface with the surface tension adjusted to 40mNm (20℃) in an amount of m, and then put the DC latex in the oven at 80℃, converted to solid content, the coating is considered to be quality Not good.
       2) Anti-blocking property, on a BOP film sample with a length of 50 cm, a width of 15 cm, and a thickness of 20 pm, coated with a PVDC test for which 0.2 parts of a common-purpose silicon compound (Fujira ヒリソ, trade name サイロィヒ) is added today. After drying, the latex is made into a film coated with PVDC resin. Immediately roll the coated film with a tension of (25±1)N onto a PVC pipe with a smooth surface of 2.54cm in diameter. After the film is rolled, the end of the film is adhered with adhesive tape and placed at 40℃ for 4h. Then slowly unwind and observe the adhesion of the coated surface. It is better for the public to prepare for the fact that there is no blocking phenomenon between the film and the film substrate or the unevenness on the surface of the film substrate is not imprinted on the surface of the coating film. www.handern.com Hollow board equipment
      3) The film-forming life of PVDC latex. Store the PVDC latex used in the test under the condition of (20±1) ℃, so as to replace the coating at any time, from the use of poly until the cracks occur on the coating film. The time-consuming, up to 3 months is the hollow plate equipment with good coating performance www.handern.com.
       4) Oxygen permeability, apply PVDC latex for testing on BOPA film to make a film coated with PVDC, cure at 40℃ for 48h, and then place at 20℃, 90% relative humidity for adjustment The humidity test lasted 2 days and was measured at 20°C and 90% relative humidity using an oxygen permeability analyzer. Then its www.handern.com hollow board equipment
      PVDC latex-coated thin film T 円画 001-.28 yen US-Japan (1) PVDC/PE and PVDC/PP films are non-polar molecules due to polyolefins (PE, PB, etc.), and the adhesion to PVDC Poor, so the film must be corona treated or coated with a primer material before coating. If it is sufficiently treated, water-soluble primer or self-adhesive emulsion primer material can generally be used. It is more difficult to die. For polyethylene film, it is more difficult to apply PVDC emulsion, because its softening range is very low, and its elongation is relatively high, so all workers must strictly coordinate. www.handern.com Hollow board equipment
       PVDC latex is coated on PE, PP, PVC, PS, PET, PA films, and its barrier properties include water vapor barrier 2. The gas barrier properties of HO and C are greatly improved. Partial PVDC coating barrier made in Japan, www.handern.com hollow board equipment


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