New environmental protection profile for doors and windows

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4.3.6 New environmental protection profile for doors and windows

Main raw material

The main raw materials are PVC resin, waste wood powder, titanate coupling agent.

2.Main production equipment

(1) Wood raw material processing part: chipper, chipping machine, cutter, pulverizer, grinder, sieving machine, dryer, silo.

(2) Granulation part: screw extruder, high speed mixer, traction machine, cooler, cutting machine, kneader, pelletizer.

(3) Forming part: profile extrusion machine, vacuum setting machine, cooling machine, traction machine, cutting machine.

3. Preparation process

The production process of the profile can be divided into two steps, the first step is the production of plastic wood pellets, and the second step is to process the plastic wood pellets into various profiles with specific shapes and specifications. Plastic wood pellet production process

Crushing of wooden materials-activation-drying-mixing of wooden fillers with plastics → production process of environmentally-friendly profiles for hot-melt extrusion granulating doors and windows:

Feeding → foaming → vacuum setting → cooling → traction → cutting and packaging

The foaming temperature of products with different formulas is slightly different. In general, the foaming temperature is about 170 ° C; the cooling method is tap water cooling, and the water temperature is maintained at about 5 ° C.

4. Notes

The key technology for manufacturing environmentally-friendly profiles for doors and windows is to ensure a high filling amount of wood powder, so as to achieve lower production costs and higher performance of the products. In addition, in order to ensure the high fluidity and permeability of PVC, so that PVC can be fully bonded with wood powder to achieve composite properties, the following key issues must be solved:

First, a suitable wood powder must be used to ensure that the product has sufficient mechanical strength. Second, the particle size of the wood powder must be controlled within a certain range to ensure the closest configuration in the wood plastic. Although the filling amount is high, it does not show a large volume, which can make the wood powder particles well infiltrated by PVC. Third, the moisture content of all raw materials should be controlled at

Below 2.0%, the residual moisture of the wood powder has a great influence on the electrostatic activation energy. When the moisture content is high, the electrostatic activation energy is low. When the moisture content is low, the electrostatic activation energy is high, and the larger the electrostatic activation energy, the Increase the surface charge interaction between the particles of PVC wood powder, promote the flowability and wettability of PVC, promote the uniformity of the extruded products, and improve the performance of the product; Finally, it is necessary to ensure the compatibility of wood powder and PVC. By adding 1% to 10% of titanate coupling agent or polymer



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