Section IX Plastic Screen Printing

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Section IX Plastic Screen Printing

Applications of plastic screen printing

Plastic screen printing is not only simple, quick to launch, and widely used, but also can be used in other production sectors where printing cannot be applied, such as: electronics industry, circuit board printing, glassware printing. It can be printed not only on film, plane, three-dimensional, curved surface, but also on wood, ceramic, plastic, glass, and fabric. For example: printing and patterns on clothing; printing and patterns on boxes, bags, bags, clips, clothes, hats, shoes; plastic folders, book covers, woven bags and other trademarks.
Types and structures of plastic screen printers (1) manual flat screen printer
This is the simplest screen printing machine, flat screen platform, chain connection. When printing, picking and placing the printing materials, printing plate rise and fall, auxiliary ink, and ink return are all manually operated. The biggest advantage is that it is simple and economical. Regardless of the type of material, as long as it is flat
Can be printed (2) flat screen platform lifting screen printing

The flat screen printing plate of the printing machine does not move, the flat worktable can be moved up and down, and the scraper can automatically reciprocate the ink scraping movement in the horizontal direction. Work smoothly and accurately overprint when printing, can be used for multi-color overprint. (Three) flat screen cylinder automatic screen printing machine

The machine consists of automatic paper feeding, printing mechanism, paper receiving mechanism and drying device. The screen printing plate used for printing is horizontally mounted on the frame, the workbench of the auxiliary printing is rolling, and the scraper can be moved up and down. For each color printed, the screen is moved left and right, and the auxiliary knife is moved up and down once. The machine can be continuously automatic from paper feeding to printing, and can be equipped with jog and semi-automatic devices according to different substrates. This screen printing machine has high overprint accuracy and high production efficiency.

(Four) rotary screen screen printing machine

The screen printing plate is in the shape of a drum, the scraper is installed in the rotary screen printing plate, and the printing table is a platform. Rolls for substrates. During printing, the flat workbench is not moved, the rotary screen printing plate rotates, the ink is squeezed by the vertical downward scraper, and the horizontally moving printing material is received by the ink passing portion of the rotary screen printing plate to form a printing image. Text. This screen printing machine can be arranged in units to perform multi-color overprinting, which is suitable for color printing of plastic films and textiles.

(V) Rotary Drum Screen Printing Machine

The machine's screen printing plate and embossing table are cylindrical. During printing, the two cylinders rotate at the same time, the squeegee in the screen printing plate squeezes the ink in the screen, and the printing material is received by the ink passing portion of the screen printing plate to form printing. This screen printing machine is fast and suitable for mass printing.

(VI) Curved Screen Printing Machine

Curved screen printing machines can be divided into manual, semi-automatic and automatic curved screen printing machines. The screen printing plate is flat and can move horizontally around the fan-shaped axis. During printing, the substrate (cylindrical or conical) is supported by rotating round rollers for synchronous rotation. Under the pressure of the vertical blade, the surface of the substrate is in linear contact with the screen printing plate, and the printing ink is squeezed on the blade Pressing, miss printing on the surface of the substrate, forming graphics. After overprinting each color at the same position, rotate a certain angle (printing part), and then rotate the printing plate to print.


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