Main plastic film substrate for composite film 2

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Main plastic film substrate for composite film 2
(7) Cellophane It is mainly used as the outer layer and the middle layer in the composite film. It has good oxygen barrier, good rigidity, high transparency, good gloss, good firmness, no static electricity, high polarity, good printing and oil resistance. Excellent in performance, light-resistant, yellow, heat-resistant and torsion-resistant, but its moisture resistance is poor, so it is necessary to carry out moisture-proof treatment or polyoxyethylene before coating to improve moisture resistance and gas barrier properties.
(8) EVOH film includes stretched and unstretched films. Unstretched EVOH is mostly used as an intermediate layer of the composite film. The biaxially stretched EVOH film has high tensile strength, impact strength, high sharpness resistance, transparency, good barrier property, and good aroma retention. As a base film, it is one of the high barrier materials in food and pharmaceutical packaging.
EVOH film is a high-barrier thin substrate, which is not widely used in China, mainly because of high resin price.
(9) Polyvinyl alcohol film Its main characteristics are excellent mechanical properties of toughness and toughness. In addition to high water vapor transmission rate, it has high barrier to other gases. After being coated with polyvinylidene chloride, it improves moisture resistance. High water and gas barrier properties, combined with heat-sealable film to form a composite film material with high barrier properties and good aroma retention
Polyvinyl alcohol is one of the high gas barrier materials, and its application has yet to be further developed.
(10) EVA film is mainly used as a heat-sealing inner layer in composite film. It has better heat sealing property than polyethylene and polypropylene heat sealing layer, and has good puncture resistance, cold resistance, softness and impact. One of the commonly used inner layers of heat seals
(11) Vacuum-aluminized film is a vacuum-aluminized film based on a biaxially stretched polyester film, a biaxially oriented polypropylene film, a cast polypropylene film, a polyethylene film, a polyvinyl chloride film, etc., except for a base film. In addition to the performance, there is a beautiful appearance decoration and high barrier properties. Compared with aluminum foil, it has excellent resistance to bending cracking, but bending, squeezing, etc. will cause the plating to fall off, and the performance is obviously degraded.


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