Main plastic film substrate for composite film

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Main plastic film substrate for composite film
(1) Polyethylene film In the composite film, the polyethylene film is mainly used as an inner layer substrate of the composite film, or a composite substrate is coated, and the coating layer is extrusion-coated to coextrude the inner layer of the composite film. As described in the previous chapter 2, as the density of the polyethylene resin increases, the film strength and barrier properties increase, and the heat resistance is good. The polyethylene of the same density has different properties depending on the preparation method. Moreover, the film manufacturing method is different and the performance is not the same. The polyethylene film is sufficient in source and low in cost, and is a commonly used substrate which does not require heat resistance.
(2) Polypropylene cast film has high strength, uniform thickness, good heat sealability and good heat resistance. It is mostly used in the inner layer of composite film, and is especially suitable for high temperature cooking bags.
In the production of extrusion coated film and coextruded composite film, the polypropylene film is used for heat sealing and high temperature resistance, and is used for the inner layer in the extrusion coating film and the coextruded composite film.
(3) Biaxially oriented polypropylene film is one of the substrates of a widely used composite film. It has high mechanical properties, good transparency and gloss, high use temperature, low relative density and high utilization. It is usually used as an outer layer of a composite film, and is composited with an aluminum foil, a film which is composited to form an oxygen barrier, and an inner layer of a sea shell which is heat-sealed to form a composite film having high barrier properties.
(4) Biaxially oriented polyester film is also one of the widely used substrates. As a packaging material, it has extremely high mechanical properties, good stiffness, medium gas resistance, excellent chemical resistance, excellent transparency and gloss, good aroma retention, good printability, and widely used as a composite film. The outer layer is used for chilled frozen food packaging, retort sterilization packaging, high-speed automatic packaging, cosmetic packaging, hydrated packaging, and the like.
(5) Biaxially stretched nylon film It is one of the commonly used composite film substrates. It has excellent toughness, heat and cold resistance, pinhole resistance, bending crack resistance, abrasion resistance, good gas barrier property, good gloss, and is used as a surface layer or intermediate layer of composite film. , inflatable packaging, liquid packaging, retort sterilization packaging.
(6) Polyvinylidene chloride film It is a high barrier substrate film. It has excellent gas barrier properties and water vapor barrier properties, and is used as the most commonly used barrier material in composite films, as an intermediate layer of a composite film, or as a coating method to coat a film to further reduce costs.


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