What may happen to the plastic hollow panel pulling machine during operation

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The plastic hollow board pulling machine may encounter uneven, uneven, and bubbling during operation, which can affect the quality of the production board and the production efficiency of the equipment. The causes of these problems may include uneven extruder temperature, unstable extruder speed, unreasonable mold design, and uneven roller pressure.

Plastic hollow board pulling machine

If these issues need to be addressed, the following measures can be taken:

Check the temperature of the extruder: Ensure that the temperature of each heating zone of the extruder is uniform, to avoid uneven plastic melt caused by high or low temperature, which affects the quality of the pulling plate.

Adjusting the operating parameters of the extruder: Based on the actual production situation, adjust the extrusion speed, stretching speed, and other parameters of the extruder to maintain stable production conditions and avoid uneven plate pulling.

Check mold design: Check the design and usage of the mold, ensure that the surface of the mold is flat and clean, and replace aging molds in a timely manner to avoid affecting the quality of the pulling plate.
Plastic hollow board pulling machine 1
Adjusting roller pressure: Reasonably adjust the pressure and speed of the rollers to ensure that the sheet is subjected to uniform force during the stretching process, avoiding unevenness or deformation.

Fine debugging: Fine debugging of equipment during the production process, continuously adjusting various parameters, optimizing the production process, and ensuring the quality of the pulling plate.

Strengthen operational training: Train operators to familiarize themselves with the operating procedures, improve their operational skills and debugging abilities, and promptly identify and solve problems.

Regular inspection and maintenance: Regularly inspect and maintain production equipment to avoid equipment failure or wear affecting the quality of the pulling plate.
Plastic hollow board pulling machine 2
When the plastic hollow board pulling machine encounters the above-mentioned adverse conditions during operation, it is necessary to comprehensively consider various factors such as equipment, production process, mold design, etc., and take comprehensive measures to improve the stability of the production line and product quality. Continuously monitor issues in the production process, optimize production processes, improve production efficiency and product quality.


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