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Wuhan Modern Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the research and development, production, and sales of hollow plate production lines for more than 20 years. Our production lines have a large market share in both domestic and international markets. The reason for achieving such results is still due to the continuous pursuit of equipment quality by Modern Precision, which makes our production lines different from other companies and can meet the needs of more customers.

1、 The company advantages of modern precision engineering

1. High technology: The company is a technological enterprise with 6 major invention patents, 19 utility patents, and 10 software copyright patents.

2. High Achievements: The company has won the national level award for specialized, refined, and innovative Little Giants, which is very valuable.

3. High Talent: Academician Qu Jinping has provided long-term technical support to our company, and the company has over 50 technical talents.

4. Advanced production equipment: The company has 18 high-quality CNC machine tools and high-precision equipment, and important components of the equipment are manufactured by frontline staff with over years of experience.

5. Strong market influence: The company has always been among the top sellers in both domestic and international markets, with a market share of over 50% and an annual production capacity of over 100 units.

2、 Advantages of Hollow Board Production Line

1. Low failure rate, reducing unexpected losses for customers: Our equipment has a low failure rate, ensuring that it can operate continuously for a long time. This reduces the economic losses caused by unexpected downtime by customer service.

2. Energy saving and cost reduction: After years of research and design, our extruder can achieve a 20% energy-saving effect, greatly reducing equipment usage costs.

3. Perfect production system to ensure stable operation of equipment: Our entire equipment is produced by ourselves, so we can control various details of the equipment, which not only effectively improves the overall operating efficiency of the equipment, but also reduces maintenance time in the later stage.

4. High technical content and strong independent production capacity: Reasonable mold runner design, good co extrusion uniformity, high precision and fast speed of the molding table.

5. Stable operation: Hollow board equipment needs to be debugged before use. Our equipment only takes 1 hour from debugging to producing qualified boards, reducing material loss and improving equipment efficiency.

The company's advantages, combined with the advantages of the hollow board production line, give our equipment more opportunities to be selected when competing with our peers. Of course, obtaining such advantages is inseparable from our emphasis on customers, the market, and our own development.


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