PP/PE/PC hollow profile sheet extrusion machine

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A PP/PE/PC hollow profile sheet extrusion machine is a type of plastic extrusion equipment used to produce lightweight, hollow plastic sheets or panels. These machines are commonly used to manufacture various types of plastic products.

The PP/PE/PC hollow profile sheet extrusion machine Detail Information:

Single Screw Extruder :one set 

Die:one set 
Hydraulic Pressure Screen Changer: one set 
Vaccum Calibration Table :one set 
First Haul-off :one set 
Oven:one set 
Cooling Device :one set 
Second haul-offL:one set 
Cutting device :one set 
Electrical Control Cabinet:one set 
Stacker :one set 
Screw Loader one set 

The PP/PE/PC hollow profile sheet extrusion machine of details introduction:

Extruder: special designed screw,advanced temperature control system,eunsuring stable extrusion and high output.
Die: super quality alloy lips and adjustable restrictor bars,providing even pressure.
Vacuum calibrator: heat-convection system array interleaved,guarantees high precise of calibration. The vacuum system consists of two independent subsystems, and is equipped with many closed loop vacuum lines.
Electrical control system: adopting microprocessor unit(PLC) to control precise parameters and be optimized with the operation charateristics. 

PP/PE/PC hollow profile sheet extrusion machine data 

Machine Type Sheet width(mm) Sheet thickness(mm) Max.Extrusion capacity(KG/H) 
1400 1250 2-6  6-12  12-18 280/280/350 
1800 1650 2-6  6-12  12-18 320/350/420 
2300 2150 2-6  6-12 350/350 
2400 2200 2-6  6-12 450 
2600 2450 2-6  6-12 480 
2800 2600 2-6  6-12 500 

The configuration of machines can be CUSTOMIZED according to your needs!

Main Applications:
industrial packaging
electronic circulating box, auto part circulating box, logistics circulating box etc
delivery packaging:

PP turnover container box, PP corrugated packaging box, PP turnover packaging box,Plastic fire-retarding packaging box for food, electrionic or delivery industry.
Advertisement displayed card,billboard,light box etc.
Home temporary partition,wall backplate,ceiling board etc.
Other applications backplate of washing machine,cars,and water  heater,baseplate for delivery etc


Packaging and shipping:

    Seaworthy packing material such as:Wooden case and PE film,etc for PP plastic polypropylene hollow sheet machine package.


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