Lines for LiBS film MDO - mono oriented film

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MDO - mono oriented film

Giving you the edge in mono-oriented film.

MDO units for excellent results.

Our stretching units, which are in operation all over the world, offer a wide range of production possibilities to improve visual qualities, establish tenacity, increase barrier properties and reduce film thickness. Not to forget our MDOs for highspeed breathable film production. Whatever your plans may be, the result will always be the same: excellence in film quality.

Thoughtfull design of MDO units

Safe operation and user-friendliness need not be a contradiction. Starting with a comfortable film threading system, the motorised adjustable stretching gap and web break sensors.

The stretching gap, which is adjustable during operation, enables greater flexibility in terms of processing a huge variety of different MDO film types and structures. All heating and cooling rolls are separately driven, temperature-controlled and can be equipped with nip-rolls to avoid air entrapments at high production speed.


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