Lines for LiBS film Extrusion lines for separator film in Li-ion batteries

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Lines for LiBS film

Extrusion lines for separator film in
Li-ion batteries.

From consumer electronics to electric bikes and cars to stationary energy storage systems:

Today, powerful and long-lasting Li-ion batteries are a key-driver of technical innovation. One of the most important part of a Li-ion battery is the separator. It is a membrane separating the anode and the cathode inside the battery to prevent short circuits and to allow the free transmission of lithium ions.  

Dry production process

For meeting highest technical requirements

Excellent chemical and thermal stability.
Beside a porosity of more than 40 percent and a uniform pore size, separator film musthave excellent properties concerning chemical and thermal stability, tensile strength,low shrinkage and thickness (dimensional strength).
To reach these properties, we delivers extrusion lines working on a dry process basis.Compared to separators produced in a wet process, the pore structure of separators produced in a dry process is more open and consistent – and therefore these Li-ion battery separator films are better suitable for higher power density.

Eco-friendly – very low consumption of raw materials
Due to the advantages of the dry production technology, ours extrusion lines for separator film work very cost efficient and eco-friendly.
Compared with the more complex wet process, it is not necessary to use solvents to excavate the low-molecular material. Our production line can produce single-layer or three-layer PP or PE based diaphragms, which have perfect product quality and are very suitable for subsequent processing.


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