Honeycomb panel production line

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Honeycomb panel production line

Overview of honeycomb panel production line:

Honeycomb plate production line using extrusion molding process, PP as the main raw material, the production of three layers of sandwich plate, two sides for the thin surface layer, the middle of the honeycomb structure can be layered single layer board, double layer board. PP honeycomb board can also be formed once double-sided cloth, coated, with light weight, good stiffness, environmental protection, shock absorption and cold resistance, sound insulation, moisture insulation and other advantages.


Types of honeycomb panels:

According to the use of products divided into two categories:

1, applied to passenger car trunk cover plate, trunk partition, trunk carpet base plate, side decorative plate, ceiling and other interior parts.

2, used to make a variety of high strength packing boxes, such as logistics transport turnover box, instead of traditional wooden cases.


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