Application of Wuhan Handern Extrusion Products

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Application of Wuhan Modern Extrusion Products

      Commonly used resins for pultrusion are unsaturated polyester, epoxy and silicone resins, among which unsaturated polyester resins are the most common.
      The reinforcing materials used include continuous glass fiber and its fabric, carbon fiber and its fabric, aramid fiber and its fabric, etc., among which glass fiber and its fabric are the largest and most common. Hollow Board Equipment
      Pultrusion products can be used in sports medicine, agriculture and various industrial fields. It is an excellent structural and decorative material. Due to the lightweight, high-strength, corrosion-resistant, and decorative properties of pultrusion products, it has been used in medical equipment, sporting goods, residential decoration and furniture manufacturing. The operating bed, splint crutch, medicine cabinet, instrument cart and various appliance brackets made with it are both knotty and light. The extruded products produced by using dyed self-extinguishing resin are used as residential fences, corridor railings, door and window frames, curtain frames, north fan poles, various hand tool grips and furniture, which are strong and beautiful, fireproof, and do not need to be painted; Horizontal bars, parallel bars, rackets and fishing rods made of molded products are the best sporting goods today. Hollow Board Equipment
      Utilizing the excellent electrical properties, light weight and high strength of pultruded products, it can be used in the electrical industry to produce telegraph poles, electrician scaffolding, insulating plates, fuse pipes, conduits, wind turbine blades, and radio antenna poles. , Optical fiber cables and various other electrical components. In fact, the electrical industry is the earliest application of pultrusion products industry. Breathable Film Equipment
       The pultrusion products have excellent chemical resistance and environmental corrosion resistance. They can be used to replace stainless steel, ceramics and other corrosion-resistant structural materials, and can be used to produce various pipes, tanks, tanks, and towers for petrochemical, tap water treatment, waste gas, and water treatment. Products such as troughs and filter grids, and the production of livestock grids, pig houses, poultry cages, washing tanks, vegetable greenhouse support rods and other products used in agricultural production can greatly extend the service life of these facilities, reduce maintenance and improve production efficiency.
      The biggest advantage of pultrusion products is their good mechanical properties, which makes them show great power in various construction and mechanical manufacturing. Using it to replace structural steel, alloy aluminum, high-quality wood and other materials, it can be used to manufacture automobile bumpers, vehicle and ship and machine tool drive shafts, body frames, leaf springs, transportation storage tanks, packing boxes, skids, luggage racks, etc., especially suitable for manufacturing Floor top beams, pillars, frames, etc. of airplanes, vehicles and ships. In these occasions, it not only provides sufficient strength, but also reduces the quality of the structure, achieving the dual purpose of reducing energy consumption and increasing transportation capacity. In addition, because its seismic performance is better than traditional structural materials, it can also extend the service life of these moving components. Because it has high strength, good corrosion resistance and self-lubricating properties at the same time.


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