Wuhan Handern Extrusion Cast Film

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Wuhan Handern Extrusion Cast Film
     1. Features of extrusion casting method
       The extrusion casting method is to add the material to the extruder, under the action of a certain temperature and pressure, kneading and plasticizing into a melt; the molten material is passed through a T-die, and cast down to the surface of the cooling roll, cooling the shaped film , After traction, the edges are cut into sheet-like film, and then rolled into a film roll by a winding device.
The plastics used to produce films by extrusion casting mainly include polyethylene, polypropylene, polyamide, ethylene acetic acid, and ethylene copolymers. www.handern.com Non-woven equipment
       Compared with the extrusion blown film method, the extrusion casting method has the following characteristics
       1) The film has high transparency (low haze), good gloss, softness and good hand feeling
       2) The thickness deviation is small, especially suitable for printing, dry compounding, automatic packaging and other processing operations www.handern.com non-woven equipment
       3) The film is fully cooled and the production line speed is high;
       4) It is not easy to produce the adhesion defects of the cylindrical film, and it is suitable for producing low-density, good self-adhesive sheet film
       5) The width of the film is limited by the equipment, generally 1-4m;
       6) If the film is not biaxially stretched, its longitudinal and longitudinal mechanical properties are not as balanced as extrusion blown film
       7) The price of production equipment is relatively high.
         The extrusion casting method is not only used to produce single-layer films, but also multi-layer co-extruded composite films. The extrusion-cast single-layer or multi-layer film can be unidirectional (longitudinal or transverse) stretching or bidirectional stretching (stepwise bidirectional stretching or multi-stage simultaneous bidirectional stretching) to produce a stretched oriented film.
Extruded cast film production equipment generally includes extruder, T-die head, air knife, cooling roll, traction roll, trimming and waste film recovery device, coiling device, etc. www.handern.com Non-woven equipment
        2. Common films and uses of extrusion casting method
          1) Extrusion cast polypropylene film (CPP), PP antistatic film: electrostatic dispersion packaging film and bag; cooking resistant film: resistant to 100~120℃ cooking bacteria packaging composite film substrate; high temperature cooking film: resistant to 140℃ The above high-temperature retort sterilization packaging composite film substrate; composite substrate film: composite film substrate for extrusion composite and dry composite; vacuum aluminized film: vacuum aluminized film substrate; matting film: food packaging bag.
         2) Extrusion cast polyamide film (CPA6), PA antistatic film: electrostatic dispersion packaging film and bags; meat product packaging film: high temperature cooking and freezing packaging composite film substrate; composite substrate film: dry composite Composite film substrate.
         3) Extrusion cast polyethylene film (CPE), PE antistatic film: electrostatic dispersion packaging film and bags; medical material film: ointment film base, medical insurance products (gloves, shoe covers, etc.); composite substrate film: Composite film substrate for extrusion composite and dry composite; packaging film: film for automatic machinery packaging; stretch film: food preservation film, stretch film. www.handern.com Non-woven equipment


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