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The ideal mold should be as symmetrical as possible. However, asymmetric products are often popular in the market. Therefore, we must fully consider mold design issues. The general investment principle is: ①The transition of edges and corners should have a larger radius to prevent stress concentration; ②The wall is designed with wave-like blade ribs to improve impact resistance and toughness; ③The cut on the parting surface should ensure the welding fastness; ④Use a round surface to avoid warping; ⑤The big barrel should be convenient for stacking, stacking and handling.www.handern.com hollow profile sheet extrusion machine

(1) Mold classification The types of hollow forming molds can be roughly divided into equidistant opening and closing molds, hinge molds, and three-opening Tools and special molds.The opening and closing direction of the mold is horizontal and vertical. The mainstream is equidistant in the horizontal direction Mould www.handern.com hollow profile sheet extrusion machine

②The chain mold connects the two molds with hinges (folding pages), and uses the hinges as the fulcrum for arc opening and closing, as shown in Figure 9-64. The rotary mold clamping device is automatically closed by a cam when it rotates. In this case, hinged molds are mostly used. The hinge type has a simple structure and can be self-locked when the force is straightened. The disadvantage is that the chain wear will cause inaccurate clamping.
③The hollow products of the three-opening mold should be easy to stack and palletize, and placed stably. When designing the shape, make the inside of the bottom of the round container recessed. When the mold is opened to take the product in the four-in part, there will be scars on the bottom of the mold. In general, if the depth of the bottom recess is designed within the shrinkage range of the product, there is no problem. When the scrap edge is cut deeper, scrap may appear. To this end, it is necessary to use three-opening mold, as shown in Figure 9-65. In addition, the shape is complicated, and the left and right opening and closing molds cannot be used. In order to unload the products, three-opening molds can also be used.note. The oil pressure at the bottom or other parts of the three-way mold must be the blowing pressure of the projected area of the bottom or other parts.Otherwise, the mold will open after blowing. www.handern.com hollow profile sheet extrusion machine
④Special molds are designed and manufactured for various purposes. Such as no fusion line mold, edge removal mold, automatic sealing mold, double wall product mold, etc. www.handern.com hollow profile sheet extrusion machine


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