Polymer for Wuhan Hyundai Plastic Film

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Polymer for Wuhan Hyundai Plastic Film

      1. Wuhan Hyundai Plastics www.handern.com non-woven equipment
       Wang material is a new material synthesized by chemical methods. It can be molded into a product with a fixed shape under a certain temperature and pressure, and after cooling and pressure relief, it can still maintain this shape at room temperature. Plastics are composed of resins and additives. Resins can be divided into natural resins and synthetic resins according to different sources of raw materials. Natural resins such as cellophane (cellophane), corn (biodegradable) resin, etc. Synthetic resin, such as polyethylene resin, etc. www.handern.com non-woven equipment
        Plastics can be divided into thermoplastic materials and thermosetting plastics according to their different properties after being heated. Thermoplastics, such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride, polyoxymethylene, etc. After they are heated, they can be melted, and can be made into plastic products by various molding and processing methods; after that, if the material is heated again, it can still be softened and melted, and the molding process can be performed again. They mainly show changes in physical form during the molding process. The used thermoplastic products or corner materials can be recycled and copied into various recycled plastic products. Most thermoplastics can be used to make films. Thermosetting plastics such as phenolic materials, melamine plastics, melamine formaldehyde plastics, etc., after they are heated, they begin to soften and have a certain degree of expectation. Under higher temperature and pressure, they are cured and formed; after that, even if they continue to be heated, they It can no longer be melted but can only be decomposed and carbonized. During their curing and molding process, not only the appearance has changed, but also the molecular structure has changed chemically. In this process, the linear polymer chains are cross-linked and connected to form a network or body structure, so that the polymers restrict each other and lose their independent activities. And this process is irreversible. Used thermosetting plastic products and scraps of corners and corners cannot be recycled and copied as plastics. They can only be used as fillers after processing the plastic products into powder. Thermosetting plastics are basically not used to make films. www.handern.com non-woven equipment
        2. Thermoplastics used in Wuhan Modern Film
       Requirements for plastic film forming www.handern.com breathable film equipment
      Most thermoplastics can be used to make films. However, in the industrial production of films, thermoplastics must meet the following basic requirements www.handern.com non-woven equipment
      1) The main process parameters of plastics, such as density, melt viscosity, melt flow rate, relative molecular mass distribution, etc., are stable during the molding process without too much deviation.
      2) During the film forming process, it has better melt strength; during the forming process, even if it is biaxially stretched, it has sufficient strength. www.handern.com non-woven equipment
      3) It can be uniformly plasticized during the molding process. Blended with other kinds of resins or additives, it has better compatibility.
      4) With optional molding equipment for molding processing, stable performance and strong repeatability. 5) The produced film can be subjected to secondary molding processing. Such as printing, punching, bonding (compound) welding, etc. The used film can be recycled and will not harm the environment. www.handern.com non-woven equipment
      5) The mechanical, chemical, optical and other properties of the film made of thermoplastics can meet the requirements of the end user. www.handern.com non-woven equipment


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