Wuhan handern radiation-resistant food plastic packaging film

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Wuhan handern radiation-resistant food plastic packaging film
      In recent years, China ’s food radiation has made great progress in killing Cao freshness. The Radiation Research Institute of Wuxi University of Light Industry has been using 60 ray-irradiated fruits to keep fresh since 1986. Longer storage period, such as: Orange Heng, can be stored from October to May of the following year without rotting and deterioration, but because there is no basket to prevent moisture from evaporating and drying, the citrus is a bit dry, after being packed in plastic film After further irradiation, the quality of the orange is greatly improved. The vegetable company in Kaifeng, Henan Province opened a Kaifeng Food Nuclear Energy Irradiation Plant, which uses 7 rays of 60 knots to process and produce various fresh and dried vegetables, fruits, beverages, medicinal materials, Meat, fish and other foods have good economic and social benefits. The plastic packaging films they provide have the following requirements: first, non-toxic; second, they can withstand 10kGy radiation without degradation. ; Third, it has good gas and moisture resistance; Fourth, it has good tear resistance and tensile strength. Fifth, it can withstand a temperature of 20 ~ 110C www.handern.com Hollow board equipment

       Some studies have pointed out that plastic packaging materials will produce various organic low molecular compounds under the irradiation of high-energy electrons accelerated by electron accelerators. These substances include: ethoxycarbonyl acid, toluene, hydrocarbons, etc. These substances There is a certain smell, which will affect the color and flavor of the food. The commonly used LDPE inner seal layer material produces stronger odor than LLDPE. At present, the radiation-resistant sterilization packaging film using LLDPE as a bag is ideal. www.handern.com Hollow board equipment

        When choosing materials for packaging fresh fruits and vegetables, on the one hand, the radiation resistance of the material must be considered, as well as its freshness preservation function. The cells of fresh food that have been in a "hibernation" state of low respiration for a long time can be kept fresh. The plastic film with certain air permeability and moisture permeability is beneficial to the accumulation of CO2 gas and the reduction of oxygen in the packaging bag. When the O2 gas in the bag drops to 2% due to the respiration of fresh food cells, CO2 rises to 7% Above, the food in the packaging bag can be kept fresh for a long time. Too much oxygen will accelerate the respiration of fresh food cells, forming "overcooked" and rotting. After the polymer material is irradiated with 7 rays, two kinds of changes will occur. One is cross-linking between molecules. The originally linear polymers become network structures due to the cross-linking of chemical bonds, which improves the polymer. The heat resistance, solvent resistance, mechanical strength and rigidity of the material, but the low temperature resistance becomes poor, the brittleness increases, and the flexibility decreases; the other is that 7 rays degrade the polymer molecules. As a result of the degradation, various properties are deteriorated It should be noted that when any polymer material is irradiated under oxygen-free conditions, the above two effects are


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