Use of Wuhan Handern Mold

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Use of Wuhan Modern Mold

       Wuhan forming molds are generally made of high-quality alloy steel, and the machining precision requirements are relatively high, so the manufacturing cost of the mold is relatively large. Operators pay attention to the rational use of forming molds to extend the application time of the molds, which is beneficial to reduce the production cost of plastic products and improve the economic benefits of extruder production. The use of forming molds in production should pay attention to the following matters hollow board equipment
    ①The component parts in the molding die must be cleaned of burrs and dirt before assembly, and the parts can only be assembled after cleaning.
    ② When assembling or disassembling the mold, each part should be handled lightly. During the disassembly or assembly process, it is not allowed to hit the working surface of the mold with a hand hammer to avoid the hammering mark on the working surface, which affects the quality of the product Board equipment
    ③The installation order of the forming mold (take straight-through hard tube mold as an example): first install the mold body and the barrel connection flange, then the mold body, diverter cone, mandrel, coat and other body parts, and finally install the die, Parts such as gland and sizing sleeve. Hollow board equipment
    ④ When connecting the fixing bolts and adjusting screws on the mold, first apply a layer of molybdenum disulfide or silicone oil to the threaded parts to facilitate the removal of mold parts at high temperatures. When tightening the connecting bolts, the diagonal nuts should be tightened at the same time to prevent the two planes of the connecting piece from being tight due to the uneven force of the parts and causing the mold to leak when working. Hollow board equipment
    ⑤When the mold needs to be adjusted during the work (adjust the uneven wall thickness of the pipe product), the thin side screw of the tube blank wall thickness should be loosened first, and then the adjusting screw on the thick side of the tube blank should be tightened to avoid damage to the mold parts Unscrew the adjusting screw.
    ⑥When cleaning the sticky material at the die outlet of the die, use bamboo or copper blades and shovel tools to clean the scraping material. It is not allowed to scrape and shovel the residual material at the die mouth with a hard steel knife to prevent scratching the mold The working surface affects the quality of products.
    ⑦When repairing the burrs or scratches at the discharge port of the mold, it is not allowed to use a file to repair, and it should be repaired with fine whetstone or fine emery cloth. For molds that are not in use temporarily, after removing the residue on the mold, coat anti-rust oil, and then assemble the parts; seal the inlet and outlet of the mold and store it in a dry and ventilated place; on the mold No heavy objects are allowed to prevent the mold from deforming due to prolonged heavy pressure. Hollow board equipment


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