Wuhan Modern Fast Food Packaging

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Wuhan Modern Fast Food Packaging

The term fast food is more appropriate here with convenience foods, including: ready-made noodles, scones, crispy popcorn, candy, gums, nuts, snack cakes and pies. Hollow board style, into a food package roll T-day Twww.handern.com hollow board equipment

Finished foods include potato chips, corn flakes, popcorn, nuts, pretzels and other roasted goods. The flexible packaging accounts for 75% of the packaging. The general requirements are as follows: first, there must be a good printing surface; second, in some cases, it must be transparent, but some are not required; third, The packaging must have good grease resistance; fourth, the original packaging should be large to fully bear the weight of the packaging: fifth, some fast foods have sharp corners, for this reason, they must have good needle resistance; sixth, The heat seal at the top, bottom and back seams must be reliable, waterproof, and oil resistant, have good mechanical strength, easy to wash, and the packaging can be adapted to the production of high-speed automatic forming-filling-sealing machines, which require low-temperature heat sealing during the heat sealing process , Will not wrinkle or bend due to heat. Even if the pressure in the bag slightly exceeds the external pressure, the heat seal should not leak, and the seal is reliable. 1. Make sure that the food in the bag will not break or shatter during transportation. Seventh, the seal should be re-closable. This can use the wrong or other equipment, but this will increase the cost. Eighth, for a regional The oxygen barrier is not important in the production and sales of packaging, but the oxygen barrier is very important for long-distance sales. Aluminum foil or metalized PET or BON can be used. Ninth, the cost of packaging is 20% of the total product cost. In this market, the pressure to reduce packaging costs is great. Tenth, the size of fast food packaging varies greatly, which affects the wall thickness of the packaging material and the heat sealing resin www. handern.com hollow board equipment

The original salt food packaging is cardboard, paraffin coated cellophane bags, which mainly have good grease resistance. In the 1950s, PVDC-coated cellophane appeared with good transparency, moisture resistance, and rapid heat-sealability. At present, these materials have been replaced by plastics, mainly BOPP. The reason for the replacement is low cost, because the packaging cost of BOPP is only 60% of the cost of cellophane packaging, and cellophane is prone to wrinkling and brittleness at low temperatures. PVDC coated OPP film is currently the main material for salty food packaging. When the barrier property is very important in packaging, the co-extrusion-composite package material replaces all the above-mentioned package materials. The reasons are as follows: first, co-extrusion must be surface printed, most of them in history The oil is most likely to be scratched when it rubs against other surfaces during the transportation process. The fast food packaging and printing are very gorgeous, so the above problems are prone to occur. The solution is to laminate and print the pattern in the middle of the film. Second, cellophane, aluminum foil, and metalized film cannot be coextruded, but they are still salt food The main packaging materials. To this end, the following six structures are currently used: No. www.handern.com Hollow board equipment
One structure is OP / fine junction / HDPE / heat seal layer. The heat seal layer is an ionic film, EVA, or a blend of the above two resins. Ionic films are more expensive than EVA. But the heat sealability is better and the grease resistance is better. OPP provides reverse printing, transparency and strength. The adhesive is polyurethane glue or water-soluble acrylate glue. The HDPE here is colored, such as white or chocolate color, for this reason, this package has no transparency. The second structure is OPP / Binder
www.handern.com Hollow board equipment
Paper / PVDC structure, PVDC is used as heat sealing resin and moisture-proof layer, cellophane has good toughness, transparency and resistance to tortuosity, OPP layer can be reverse printed. The third structure is co-extrusion of P + 3% PE copolymer or co-extruded PP-PE-polybutene terpolymer and PVDC inner seal layer on the OPP layer. The inner seal layer can also be acrylic polymer , Ethylene propylene copolymer or ionic resin The fourth structure is: OPP / binder or extruded PE / metallized OPP / heat seal layer, where the heat seal layer is ethylene propylene copolymer or ethylene-propylene-butene three Yuan copolymer. The fifth structure is the simplest and is widely used for food packaging in Europe, www.handern.com hollow board equipment


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