Plastic thermal aging performance test

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6.2 Plastic thermal aging performance test
There are many test methods for plastic aging, which can be roughly divided into two categories: one is the natural aging test, which uses the natural environment
A type of test method for aging conditions, such as natural weather exposure aging, buried aging, seawater immersion aging, etc .;
Type is artificial aging test, which is a kind of method for testing in the laboratory using various aging test chambers, such as artificial hot air
Gas aging (referred to as thermal aging), artificial weathering aging, photoaging, electrochemical aging, mold aging, etc. Since old
The chemical box can simulate and strengthen certain aging factors in the natural environment, thereby speeding up the aging process and obtaining material tests faster.
result. Therefore, it is often used to test the thermal aging performance of plastics.
This section only introduces the method of plastic thermal aging test to determine the thermal aging performance of plastics.
Plastics are inevitably subjected to heat and oxygen in the air during processing, storage, transportation and use.
The effect of thermal oxidative aging of plastic products leads to the degradation of their performance, and the use value is completely lost. hot air
The exposure test is a simple artificial simulated accelerated environmental test method for assessing the thermal aging resistance of materials. The purpose is
In a short period of time, the adaptability of materials to high temperatures and the comparison of the adaptability of materials to high temperatures are evaluated.
The hot air aging test of plastics is carried out using the CB / T7141-2008 standard method. This method is
The sample is not specified, but the exposure conditions and methods of thermal exposure when plastic is exposed to hot air at different temperatures for a long time.
The law makes clear provisions. Therefore, the influence of heat on any properties of plastics can be achieved by selecting appropriate test methods and tests.
Sample to determine.
This section only briefly introduces the method of comparing the thermal aging properties of materials at a single temperature.
6.2.1 Test principle
Place the sample in a heat aging test box under the given conditions (temperature, wind speed, ventilation rate, etc.) and subject it to heat and
The accelerated aging effect of gas, the thermal aging performance of plastics is evaluated by detecting the change in properties before and after exposure.
6.2.2 Test equipment
(1) Thermal aging test box The thermal aging test box is the main equipment for this test.
Home. The blowing device and the sample holder are composed of several basic parts. Since the aging test is continuous for a long time, it is necessary to ensure that the design


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