Use of BOPET film

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Use of BOPET film
BOPET membrane has the advantages of high mechanical properties, wide temperature range, excellent transparency, good electrical insulation performance, high precision and relatively low price. Therefore, it is widely used in photographic film bases and various tape-based films. Electrical insulating film, heat-resistant packaging film.
There are many kinds of specifications for BOPET film, and the application varies from product to product. For example, the Mylar film produced by DuPont of the United States is as follows. The specifications and uses are as follows:
1) Type A, strong polyester film, biaxially stretched and heat stabilized, 0.02-0.03mm thick film transparent, more than 0.03m translucent. Width: (0.5, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 5:0, 7.5, 10.0, 14.0) m uses include, electrical and non-electrical aspects.
2) D type, high transparency, toughness, excellent dimensional stability, thickness 0.03m, used as engineering materials and stationery.
3) S type, high transparency, toughness, excellent dimensional stability, thickness 0.03m, used as vacuum aluminized film substrate and stationery.
4) HS type, heat-shrinkable film, with an average shrinkage of 50% at 100 ° C and a thickness of 0.02 mm, used as a packaging material.
5) M type, coated with a gas high barrier coating, thickness 0.03mm, used as packaging material.
6) W type, anti-aging type, thickness 0.03mm, used for greenhouse windows, anti-storm windows.
7) T-type, strong tensile film with high tensile strength in the longitudinal direction is 0.03mm thick, which is used for applications requiring high unidirectional strength, similar to A-type film.
8) Type C, high insulation, high temperature resistance, thickness 0.03mm, used as high temperature capacitor medium.
It can be seen from the above that the film thickness is mostly 0.02 to -0.03 mm and the width is 14 mm, and the small size is cut according to requirements, and the S type, HS type, M type and T type are mainly used as packaging materials.
China's BOPET is widely used in composite film substrates, bronzing (heat transfer) base film, vacuum aluminum base film, as well as capacitors, electrical insulation, recording and video base film.
In packaging applications, the typical thickness is 12μm. First, high-speed printing and lamination can be performed. Because of its high transparency and good printing effect, it is incomparable to any general-purpose plastic film. Secondly, it has good tear resistance and is suitable for the surrounding environment. Insensitive to change, in the range of 70-220 ° C, the film has good firmness and toughness, is widely used in hot stamping base film and vacuum aluminized base film; third is low permeability to odor and gas It has low permeability to water vapor, and also has high transparency and gloss. Its disadvantage is poor heat sealing performance. In order to improve the heat sealing performance of BOPET film, it is usually combined by adhesive bonding or extrusion compounding. PE or PP compound, in order to further improve the barrier properties, coating PVDC on its surface, widely used in tea packaging, gel cup cover film, coffee packaging, Lekoufu packaging, cosmetic soft packaging, pharmaceuticals, wet packaging and various food packaging On the top, there is also the development of retort pouch packaging.


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