Effect Of Base Resin On The Performance Of Antistatic Film

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Effect of base resin on the performance of antistatic film

In an antistatic film made of a crystalline resin such as polyolefin, a crystalline region and an amorphous region are present in the high polymer, and an antistatic agent is generally present in the amorphous region and migrates to the surface of the film through the amorphous region. Therefore, the base resin having a low crystallinity has a fast migration of the antistatic agent after the film is formed, a short time for eliminating the static charge, and an antistatic effect. For polyolefin resins, the antistatic effect of the antistatic film is gradually deteriorated in the following order:


The test data shows that for the same kind of antistatic agent, in order to achieve the equivalent static charge attenuation value of LDPE film, HDPE needs 1.5~3.0 times more antistatic agent, PP needs 4 times more antistatic agent base resin and The compatibility of the antistatic agent also affects the antistatic effect of the film. The antistatic agent has good compatibility with the resin, the migration of the antistatic agent to the surface of the film is difficult, the antistatic effect is poor, and the antistatic duration is long; the antistatic agent has poor compatibility with the resin, and the antistatic agent easily migrates to the surface of the film, and is resistant. The electrostatic effect is better. However, if the antistatic agent migrates too fast, adhesion and whitening (blooming) may occur on the surface of the film. The antistatic duration is also greatly reduced. Among vinyl resins, LDPE has some incompatibility with antistatic agents. EVA has good compatibility with antistatic agents, and the blending between them can adjust the resin compatibility.

In the polyethylene antistatic film, since the amount of the antistatic agent added is small, it is not necessary to add the EVA resin during the molding process unless required by the customer. Commonly used LDPE and LLDPE blended as a base resin, which does not affect the compatibility of the resin, and can improve the puncture resistance, tensile strength and elongation of the antistatic film.


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