Extrusion compounding features

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Extrusion compounding features
The multi-layer composite barrier film is produced by extrusion composite method, and has the following characteristics compared with the dry composite and co-extrusion composite molding method.
1) The equipment and process used in the extrusion compounding method are relatively simple, and the equipment price is relatively low. The equipment has a wide adaptability range. Generally, the multilayer composite film has a width of 500-1000 mm, a maximum of about 2000, a thickness of 0.015-0.25 mm, and a maximum thickness of 1.0 mm.
2) Different types of resins and films can be used to produce multilayer composite films with different barrier properties. The gas permeability and water vapor transmission rate can be adjusted in a wide range. It can be combined with aluminum foil and vacuum aluminized film to achieve almost airtight and moisture-tight, which is difficult to achieve by co-extrusion.
3) Extrusion compound molding generally does not require the application of an adhesive. Compared with the dry composite method, the drying tunnel and the solvent recovery device can be omitted, and the production cost of the multilayer composite membrane can be reduced. If the production line needs to add an adhesive coating device, it is also much simpler than a dry composite coating device.
4) Extrusion compounding line can be expanded according to product technical requirements, such as setting up multiple extruders, using co-extrusion compounding die, adding adhesive coating device, etc., and repeating it twice or twice during production. The above extrusion compounding operation. With the same extrusion compounding line, it is possible to produce a multi-layer composite barrier film.


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