PVDC film variety

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PVDC film variety
(1) Single-layer PVDC blown film, PVDC single-layer blown film is actually a biaxially stretch blown film, the longitudinal and transverse stretching ratio is 3 to 5 times, and the heat shrinkage is generally 20% to 40%.
The first PVDC resin was used as a suspension copolymer of vinylidene chloride (VPC) and vinyl chloride (VC). The processing temperature range was narrow, easy to decompose and difficult to process. Subsequently, VDC and acrylate copolymers were developed, and ternary copolymerization was recently developed. The material improves the thermal stability of the processing, and at the same time improves the heat resistance, adhesion, heat shrinkage and tensile strength of the PVDC film. Currently, a copolymer of VDC and methyl acrylate is used to obtain a PVDC film. It has the characteristics of elasticity, high viscosity, no discoloration, strong adhesion, and easy to be combined with other plastic films.
(2) Ultra-thin film made of PVDC from a film by blow molding or casting, and has self-adhesiveness. It is used for packaging such as refrigerated foods to achieve anti-corrosion, anti-mildew and fresh-keeping effects.
(3) PVDC coated film, for the development of an earlier film, divided into solution coating and aqueous emulsion coating: solution coating, resin and organic solvents such as tetrachlorofuran, methyl ethyl ketone, ethyl acetate Acetone or the like is prepared as a solvent coating liquid for coating a substrate having poor water resistance such as cellophane, and the coating machine requires a solvent recovery device and a safety explosion-proof facility, and the cost is relatively high. The application of aqueous emulsions, such as paper, coating of other plastic film substrates, to avoid penetration of solvents, is not easy to dry, leaving a smell of solvent, affecting the package. PVDC emulsion resin is coated on the substrate film to form a PVDC film, and the coating can be adjusted from 1.5g/m2 to 30g/m2, and the uniformity of coating is 3% to ±5% of the hand, which can be single Top coat, double coat, base material can be biaxially oriented polypropylene film, biaxially stretched polyester film, aluminum foil, paper, etc., depending on the application
Choose, make a variety of different barrier films.
(4) PVDC composite film is prepared by dry method, wet method, extrusion or co-extrusion blow molding, among which the co-extruded composite film with PVDC as the intermediate layer develops fastest and the output is the largest.


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