PVC sheet production line

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PVC sheet production line
The PVC sheet production line was introduced from AMUT, Italy, and the thickness of the film can be produced from 0.15mm to 1.5mm.
(1) Twin-screw vacuum venting extruder. The twin-screw vacuum venting extruder model is BA-100, the extrusion motor power is 44kW, the heating power is 51kW, the screw diameter is 100mm, the aspect ratio is 21:1, and the screw speed is 4r/min--40r. /min.
(2) The machine head and the inner cavity are hanger-type structure, the width of the lip is 1146mm, and the variable lip of the lip is 0.15mm~1.6mm.
Five sections of heating, power is 14KW.
(3) Three-roll calender. The calender roll has a width of 1200 mm, and the upper, middle and lower rolls have diameters of 247 m, 340 mm, and 340 mm, respectively. Each of the three rollers has a separate circulating heating water temperature regulating device with a heating power of 36 kW. The three rolls and the pulling rolls are simultaneously adjusted, and the lower rolls and the pulling rolls are also provided with fine adjustment means to keep the film with a certain tension.
(4) High speed kneading machine. Model CH-200DQ, total volume is 0.2m2, effective volume is 0.14m2, and the outer wall is powered
Heating, power is 9kW, stirring speed is 475r/min and 950r/min two gears, motor power is 28kW/40kW.
(5) Low speed cold mixer. Model LH-400, total volume is 0.4m3, effective volume is 0.14m3, with jacket cycle
Water cooling, stirring speed is 125r/min, motor power is 1lkW, cooling water is 0.027m3/min
(6) Mechanical vibrating screen. Model KDS-1000, screen diameter is 1000mm, vibration frequency is 1400 times / min,
The motor power is 11KW.


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