Co-extrusion lamination compounding process

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Co-extrusion lamination compounding process
The coextrusion compounding process is a lamination process for producing a multi-layered composite packaging film and sheet using two or more extruders sharing a composite die. It is characterized by:
(1) There is no need to use an adhesive or an AC agent, for which there is no problem of the bathroom and solvent contamination caused by the adhesive and the AC agent;
(2) In the price of the product, the co-extruded composite film is the lowest cost in the composite film;
(3) The choice of substrate film is narrower. Only when the resin has good compatibility, can it be produced into a composite film by co-extrusion. The incompatible materials must use the same two incompatible resins. The compatibilizing compatibilizer acts as an intermediate layer to be firmly bonded together and, in fact, can only be used for lamination between thermoplastics and thermoplastics;
(4) The coextruded composite film can only be surface printed. In the production process, the co-extrusion compounding process has two methods: a co-extrusion circular die method and a co-extruded composite T-die die flow method. The round die co-extrusion blows out the multi-layer co-extruded film, and the T-die extrudes the co-extruded cast film.
The production process of the circular die co-extrusion inflating multilayer film is as follows: two or more extruders are separately fed → composite circular die co-extrusion → composite multi-layer film inflation → wind ring Cooling → Herringbone inflation film bubble film - a quenching roller film quenching → cutting → corona treatment → winding. The inflation film always has a slow cooling rate and the production speed can only be 30-60m/min. The more effective co-extrusion compounding process is a T-die flow co-extrusion multi-layer film or sheet.
The width of the door spoke is wide; the film thickness is uniform and the error is small; the production speed is high, up to 100-150 m/min. A very important requirement in the coextrusion compounding process is that there is good thermal adhesion between the various resins, that is, good compatibility is required to form a composite film with good composite fastness.


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