​Application of Wuhan Modern Stretch Film

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Application of Wuhan Modern Stretch Film
         The current main uses of stretched sheets are as follows
         1) Sales packaging of fresh food
         2) Storage and packaging of fish, meat, fruits and vegetables
         3) Packaging of frozen food
         4) Bundled packaging of goods.
         5) Winding packaging of freight pallets.
         6) Sealing film of experimental utensils, etc.
           Wrap fruits and vegetables with stretched fresh-keeping film, which can delay the metabolism of fruits and vegetables, prevent water evaporation, and isolate pests. For example, after citrus is treated with conventional medicine, it is individually packaged with PE fresh-keeping film and stored for 3 months. The fruits are still fresh and full , The original flavor remains unchanged, and the loss rate is only 4.85%; fresh meat and fresh fish wrapped with stretched fresh-keeping film can preserve the heme in fresh meat and fresh fish, although after long-term storage, the fresh meat is still bright red Frozen food wrapped with stretched fresh-keeping film can not only maintain the original flavor of the food, prevent the frozen food from drying out, but also reduce the raw smell of the fresh food in the refrigerator, and avoid the mutual odor between various foods.
           The stretch-winding performance of the stretched film utilizes the elastic stretchability of the film at room temperature, that is, the elastic recovery effect. The goods can be packaged in whole width or rotating wrapping. Stretch wrap film can be used for small packages such as hardware appliances, instruments, mechanical parts, glass enamel, paper, cardboard, cloth, clothing, and large packages such as pallets. It has the advantages of moisture-proof, dust-proof, clean, and beautiful. Compared with shrink film packaging, the effect is the same. The stretched film does not need to be heated and baked, which saves energy, and the elasticity of wrapping at low temperature is not affected.
          Utilizing the self-adhesiveness of the stretched film, sticking the stretched film on the mouth of the experimental utensils (such as test tubes, baking blanks, jars, etc.) can play a sealing role. The use of stretched films has the advantages of convenient paste and easy tear . The stretch sealing film can not only prevent dust and keep the laboratory utensils clean, but also prevent the volatilization of reagents, ensure the accuracy of the experiment, prevent the pollution of the laboratory by various harmful gases, and can also affect the surface of furniture, instruments, and meters. Play a protective role.


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