Wuhan Handern PVC/Fly Ash Filling System

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Wuhan Handern PVC/Fly Ash Filling System

       Fly ash is gray powder recovered from the flue gas of coal-fired power plants, with a particle size of 1 to 500 pm, mainly composed of SiO2, AlO, Fe2O), CaO, MgO and residual carbon, with a density of 2.0 to 2.4g/cm2. The melting point is 1250~1450℃, the specific surface area is 3.6745m2/g, and the pH=6. According to different coal types and flue gas treatment methods, the composition and physical form of fly ash are different. The annual discharge of coal ash from thermal power plants in my country has reached 160 million tons, the water used for ash discharge has reached more than 1 billion tons, and the ash storage area has reached 330 million m', seriously polluting the environment and wasting resources. How to make full use of fly ash is a major issue facing the new century. Fly ash is used as a plastic filler, which contains round and smooth glass beads. The aggregation force between the particles is very small. It is easy to disperse into the resin during processing and is evenly distributed. It can be selected by air and water according to needs. The density is less than water. The body is "floating bead", with large particles and thin walls, low strength, and can be filled with thermosetting resin; another type of density greater than water is called "sinking bead", with small particle size, thick wall, high strength and not easy to be compressed Broken, often used as filling material for thermoplastics. These structural features have significantly improved the processing rheology of fly ash filled plastics, and certain components of fly ash have a "ball effect" in plastics. The spherical particles in fly ash can avoid stress concentration caused by irregular shapes or sharp corners, and can improve the impact performance of products. Fill PVC
When it can form physical cross-links with PVC molecules, the SiO and Na-O bonds on the surface have good affinity with PVC molecules, and there are physical adsorption and partial chemical effects between the two, thereby improving the mechanical properties. www.handern.com Breathable membrane equipment
       The PVC composite materials with different fly ash particle size and content were prepared by hot pressing method, and the friction and wear performance of the composite material and quenched 45" steel under dry friction conditions were evaluated on the ring block friction and wear tester. The results showed that: filler powder Coal ash can significantly improve the hardness and wear resistance of PVC, and reduce the wear rate by more than 100 times; when the filling amount of fly ash is less than 40%, as the filling amount increases, the hardness of the composite material increases; When the ash filling amount exceeds 40%, the hardness of the composite material decreases; as the particle size of fly ash decreases, the hardness of the composite material increases, and the wear rate decreases; under the test conditions, the mass fraction of fly ash with a particle size of 0.061 mm is 40 % PVC composite material has the highest hardness and the lowest abrasion rate. Filling in PVC with fly ash is beneficial to the formation of a transfer film on the surface of the friction part. The filled PVC composite material with a fly ash content of 40% is formed on the surface of the part The transfer film is the most uniform and dense, and the corresponding wear rate is the lowest. www.handern.com Breathable Film Equipment


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