Wuhan Handern Organic Polymer Fiber

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Wuhan Handern Organic Polymer Fiber

        Organic polymer fibers include aramid (aramid) and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) fibers. Aramids usually exist in two forms, chopped and surface-treated. Composite materials made of aramid are particularly suitable for the preparation of components requiring high damping. Due to the low compressive strength of these fibers, they are very easy to wear (shorten) during compounding: so the mechanical properties of the aramid fiber composite material are not obvious, especially when considering its cost, the aramid fiber is not like Glass fibers or carbon fibers are straight rods, but crimped or twisted. This feature makes the aramid fibers in the aramid composite material not completely oriented along the flow direction during processing, so the performance distribution in all directions is more uniform PET chopped fiber can be used to mix with glass fiber to improve the impact strength of brittle resin matrix. Although PT fiber can not provide the mechanical strength or hardness of composite material, its cost is lower compared with other glass fiber reinforced components. And the abrasion effect of PET fiber on the mold surface is lower than that of glass fiber. www.handern.com Meltblown non-woven equipment
        Kevlar fiber was industrially produced by DuPont of the United States in 1972. It is a variety of aromatic polyacid (Aramid) fiber. It has super rigid molecular chain and super high modulus. After many experiments, good dimensions are produced by the wet method, and the tensile modulus of the fiber is more than 50GPa (353eN/dtex), which is two and a half times higher than that of glass fiber. Under the same quality, it is more rigid than glass fiber. In 1970, DuPont Blades invented the dry jet-wet spinning process, which increased the fiber strength by two times and the silk speed by four times. Since then, DuPont started the industrialization of aromatic polyamide fiber, which was later commercialized as Frau. The difference with general energy amines is that most of the polymer main chain is aliphatic (anti) group and cycloaliphatic (anti) group. Aromatic fibers include Kewa (polyterephthalene terephthalate fiber) from DuPont, NOmnex (polymetaphenylene diamine fiber), Teijin Connor of Japan Conex (polyisophthalic acid isophthalic acid), Technora (polypara-xylenediamine) and Akzo Twaron (polyterephthalic acid
Three-dimensional). The two new dimensions and muscle fibers developed in my country in the early 1980s are consistent. Named as Aramid 1414 and Aramid 14, collectively referred to as Aramid fiber. www.handern.com Meltblown non-woven equipment


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