Wuhan Handern Buffer Packaging Material

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Wuhan Handern Buffer Packaging Material

         Any packaging material that can absorb or slow down the impact and vibration of the packaged product under the action of external force during transportation and loading and unloading to protect the effect of Shangjing is called Wuhan Modern Buffer Packaging Material. The range of buffer packaging materials is very wide: straw, paper fibers, wood chips, foam plastics, etc. www.handern.com Laminating equipment
        1. The packaging characteristics of cushioning packaging materials are as follows
        First, the absorption of impact energy: that is, it has a good absorption effect on the impact of the commodity; second, the vibration absorption: in addition to the impact of external impact, the packaged product also affects the movement and speed of the paper. If the natural frequency of the product is the same as the rate of the external force of vibration, resonance and resonance will occur, and the amplitude will increase. After reaching a certain value, the product will be damaged. The cushioning packaging material can absorb external vibration force and attenuate the amplitude; third, resilience: the cushioning packaging material will deform under external load conditions, but the external load can be removed to restore the original form, that is: static load and impact on the outside, The deformation caused by the dynamic load of vibration has good recovery; first, compression denaturation: the phenomenon of slow deformation of the cushioning packaging material under continuous action of static load with time is called pressure frost wax denaturation. This compression deformation should be The smaller the better; fifth, flexibility, good flexibility; sixth, applicable temperature and humidity: cushioning packaging materials can maintain its good cushioning performance at low temperatures, for example: polyurethane foam can rain to -300 The minimum operating temperature of PS foam can reach -20C, PE foam can be used to -50 ℃: seventh, buffer packaging application good acid resistance, alkali resistance, grease resistance, organic solvent resistance and salt resistance, light resistance: good antistatic It is easy to process and form, and it is easy to operate. The price should be cheap. The waste is easy to reuse and burn, but it does not cause environmental pollution. www.handern.com Laminating equipment
         2. Classification of Wuhan Modern Plastic Buffer Packaging Materials
         There are many methods for the classification of plastic buffer packaging materials (see Table 6-1-1), but they are roughly divided according to the following methods: www.handern.com
        ①According to the structure of buffer packaging materials, there are two types of foam plastic and air cushion plastic film;
        ②According to the plastic resin, there are thermoplastic foams, such as PE, PP, PS, PVC, etc., and thermosetting foams, such as Sheng foam, formaldehyde foam, polyurethane foam, etc.; according to the hardness of the foam: 23 The elastic modulus of the foam under ℃50%R, H. is greater than 700MPa is called rigid foam: 700~70MPa is semi-rigid foam; <70MPa is flexible foam; www.handern.com meltblown Non-woven equipment
       ③According to the density of the foam, the density above 0.4g/cm2 (gas/solid ratio <1.5) is called low foaming density of 0.1 ~ 0.4g/cm' for medium foaming (gas/solid ratio) 1.5~9); density below 0.1g/cm2 (gas/solid ratio>9) is high foaming plastic. Or by foaming ratio, low foaming with a foaming ratio below 5 and high foaming with a foaming ratio above 5 www.handern.com
According to the structure of the cell, there are open-cell foam and closed-cell foam
In addition, it can also be classified according to the shape of the foam, such as: foam sheet, foam sheet, foam profile, foam block, granular foam, foam pipe, reticulated foam, etc.; according to whether the plastic is cross-linked or not, there are non-cross-linked bubbles and Cross-linked foam plastic www.handern.com Laminating equipment


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