Wuhan Modern Low Density Polyethylene Heavy Packing Bag (Film)

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Wuhan Modern Low Density Polyethylene Heavy Packing Bag (Film) www.handern.com Hollow Board Equipment

(1) Heavy packaging bags (films) are mainly used for industrial packaging bags with contents ranging from 20 to 30 kg, including chemical fertilizers, chemical raw materials, synthetic resins, feed, etc. www.handern.com Hollow board equipment

(2) Almost all heavy packaging films are processed by blow molding. This method is mostly air-cooled or water-cooled. There are two methods for making bags, one is heat sealing, and the other is adhesive. Bonding. The thickness of the film is 0.2-0.35mm; abroad is generally 0.20mm, but it also tends to be thinner. For example, its thickness is 0.15m. The heavy packaging film is generally processed by supporting the auxiliary packaging blow molding machine and the extrusion host The -FM8O0 type heavy packaging film blow molding shaft machine produced by Dalian Rubber & Plastics Machinery is used in conjunction with the -90X25 type plastic extruder to continuously blow polyethylene heavy packaging films of certain specifications. The auxiliary machine includes a film blowing head, a primary cold air device, a foam stabilizing frame, a secondary air cooling device, a traction device, a surface treatment device and a winding device. www.handern.com Hollow board equipment

(3) Low-density resin for heavy packaging films. Generally, they are special grades with MFR value of 0.5-0.8g0min. Several types of heavy packaging film materials produced in China are PE-FA = 18D00ER 0, 4g1 Omin: PE_EA23D003, MFR 0.4g1Omin; PE-FA-23D002, MFR 0.3g10min. Foreign countries tend to focus on products with low content of vinyl acetate, and the content of vinyl acetate is mostly 2% to 6%. In order to make the thickness of the film thinner and the MFR decrease, the content of vinyl acetate is appropriately increased to increase the density of the product, and the homopolymer has been used less. www.handern.com Hollow board equipment

(4) Production example of heavy packaging film This example uses light packaging equipment to produce heavy packaging film, which is more convenient for the use of heavy packaging film. The example solves two main problems: ① The amount of extruder should be sufficient; ② The extruded bubble should be cooled sufficiently. Increase the screw speed to make it meet the extrusion requirement. The 65 extruder increased from the original = 45r / min to 10010rmin, and the 90 extruder increased from the original 45r / min to 738r / min. The extruded bubble should be cooled sufficiently. The original film traction auxiliary machine is 4m high, and the distance from the die plane to the nip roll is only 3m. During the blow molding process of this pair of polyethylene heavy packaging films, at least 6-8m is required for tube cooling The height is too different. But to raise the current auxiliary machine www.handern.com hollow board equipment

It is not only time-consuming, but also very difficult, so the measures taken are to install 1-2 layers of air ring cooling, and change the original herringbone roller to a water-cooled herringbone plate made of metal plate, that is: Zexin 5th

1) Air cooling method, the original one air ring is equipped with a blower with a pressure of 21.3315kPa, and two air rings are used instead. Two 21.3315kPa blowers can also be used for cooling and setting. Suqian Xueyin www.handern.com Hollow Board Equipment

2) Wind ring structure: The wind ring gap is openable and rotates clockwise or counterclockwise. When the wind ring is covered, the phoenix ring gap can be large or small to adjust the air volume. The air inlet of the wind ring is three angles forming 120 each other. The highest one is 5 wide. 3) The water-cooled herringbone board can adjust the size of the water spray to match the cooling and shaping of the bubble by the air ring. It also has the effect of preventing the film tube from wrinkling. As long as the air ring and the water-cooled herringbone plate are properly matched, even if there is only about three meters between the die and the nip roller, the problem of cooling and setting of the film tube can be solved. Take out the face of Kochi Top. Body movement 4) Process conditions: The process conditions of the three extruders are shown in Table 2-1-13. This, www.handern.com hollow board equipment

(5) Low density polyethylene heavy packaging bag (film) standard Low density polyethylene heavy packaging bag (film), the original light industry standard is QB24-1981 stipulated dimensions, tolerances, appearance requirements, physical and mechanical properties, see the original for details standard.で A low-density polyethylene heavy packaging bag (film), due to its film thickness (more than 0.2mm), it consumes a lot of material, has high cost, and is easy to slide

Stacking can not be high, and the rate of broken bags is high, which has been gradually replaced by polyolefin woven bags in China. However, its manufacture is relatively simple, the process is short, and it is easy to recycle and reuse. It still has a certain value, and it is still used abroad. If the shortcomings are improved, it can also be combined with other heavy packaging www.handern.com hollow board equipment

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