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Wuhan Modern Packaging Materials www.handern.com hollow board equipment.

The repeated regeneration and recycling of packaging materials is the most practical step in the development of green packaging materials, and it is one of the most active waste recycling methods for protecting the environment and promoting the recycling of packaging materials. In foreign countries, PET beverage bottles and PC feeding bottles can be reused more than 20 times. Examples of reusable films are the sealing films discussed in section, which can be used repeatedly. Film medicine bags for hospital outpatient sealing products can be used repeatedly. www.handern.com Hollow board equipment.
The recycling of general plastic packaging waste includes the combustion method, landfill method, and recycling. More requirements are to recycle www.handern.com hollow board equipment.
Use, landfill should be reduced to zero.
Self-recycling of plastic film waste is more difficult than ordinary rigid plastics, and currently commonly used methods are www.handern.com hollow board equipment.
(1) The thick film is attached with a recycling mark to facilitate recycling and reuse, such as general PE heavy packaging films and thicker films, printed on www.handern.com hollow board equipment

When making bags, the recycling logo is printed at the same time, which is convenient for recycling.
In order to facilitate the recycling of plastic waste, various advanced countries have established identification marks, and China has also formulated standards for plastic recycling identification marks. It may be difficult to implement a recycling mark for 90-day T-days and a thousand light-weight general packaging films, but as long as you persist and take effective measures, it should be better than burning or landfilling. To some extent, it is more advantageous than using degraded plastics. www.handern.com Hollow board equipment.

(2) Recycling of the product waste from the corner waste in the factory by itself, the source of occurrence is clear, and the classification and quantity of materials are easy to grasp. Therefore, it is the most effective method to recycle and apply thoroughly in the factory, and use the waste of each process to use the entire waste to form a closed system for regeneration. For example, the trimming waste during film production is crushed and mixed with new materials at a certain ratio. Generally, new-type film production lines are equipped with this device. This method is also conducive to reducing costs. www.handern.com Hollow board equipment.

3) Composite thin film technology plastic recycled materials often have low appearance and color freedom. The general colors are gray to black, and other colors are restricted. Restricted for this purpose. You have to make only products with low added value. In order to break this limitation, consider using composite layer molding. The middle layer is recycled material. The inner and outer layers are new materials, and their quality and appearance are not inferior. For example, a 3-layer film with a recycled material in the middle, this method is also used in many factories. www.handern.com Hollow board equipment.


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