Wuhan modern membrane sealing mechanism

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Wuhan modern membrane sealing mechanism

For households, commodities, small businesses, sporadic, small batches of bag making and sealing, plastic sea film sealing machine can be used. The plastic film sealing machine can be divided into two types: hollow type and continuous type www.handern.com hollow board equipment.

The two intermittent film sealing machine is composed of a heating sealing device, a pressure and voltage releasing device and a frame. Generally, the cylindrical film is placed between the heating processing devices, depending on the type and thickness of the sea film, and the heating temperature, heat sealing pressure and time are controlled. After the heat sealing, the pressure is released and the natural cooling is performed. For bag making and sealing, the structure is simple and the price is cheap. General households, goods, service industries, etc. are best for sealing, and a small amount of bags can also be made. Www.handern.com Hollow board equipment
The continuous plastic film sealing machine is more complicated than the song-type plastic film sealing machine, and is composed of a sealing control system, a speed control system, a transmission and conveying device, a roll printing and a frame. When the power is turned on, the electric heating element generates heat, and the upper and lower heating blocks heat up sharply. The temperature and speed required for the sealing material are adjusted by the temperature control valve and the speed control device. The plastic packaging bag is conveyed by the conveyor belt, and the sealing part of the package is sent between the two sealing belts in transit. The sealing part of the plastic bag is sent to the heating area under the clamping of the upper and lower sealings. The sealing belt is subjected to two pieces in the heating area The extrusion of the heat block causes the plastic sea film to adhere after being heated. Then, it is sent to the cooling zone for cooling under the sealing clamp. The knurling wheel rolls to make the sealing part of the plastic bag roll into a net shape (the production date can be printed). The sealing tape and the conveyor are transported synchronously. www.handern.com Hollow board equipment
This continuous sealing machine is suitable for all plastic films with heat sealability, such as PE, PP and composite film bags with PE and P as the inner layer. It can also be used with various packaging lines. The machine can be used for packaging bag sealing and a small amount of cylindrical film in food, local products, daily cosmetics, medicine, electronic components, chemical products, cultural relics storage, scientific research departments, factories, commodities, retail departments and service industries. bag. Thing into www.handern.com hollow board equipment
Shanghai Huyue United Packaging Machinery Factory, Shanghai People's Instrument Factory, Zhejiang Shaoxing Construction Machinery Factory, Zhejiang Wenzhou Donggang Packaging Machinery Factory, Shandong Qingdao Cereals and Oils Machinery Electric Factory, Wenzhou Automatic Sealing Machine Factory, Wenzhou Great Wall General Machinery Factory, Hangzhou West Lake Wireless Machinery The factory produces intermittent and continuous automatic plastic film sealing machines. www.handern.com Hollow board equipment

There are many forms of automatic plastic film bag making machines, generally composed of feeding device, conveying device, heat sealing temperature control system, photoelectric tracking system, strong control system, length adjustment system, bag collecting table, etc. Film heat sealing and cutting are completed at one time, with high degree of automation, precise bag size control, and high production efficiency. It is suitable for large and medium-sized enterprises or professional bag factory enterprises.
www.handern.com Hollow board equipment

If the vest bag is made, it should be used together with the vest bag forming machine. The forming machine is equipped with various shape cutters and can be processed into www.handern.com hollow board equipment

Various shapes of vest bags, handbags and punching bags. The technical process of producing polyethylene vest bags is as follows: PE plasticizing and extruding into film → two-fold roll folding film → left and right flap folding of the film blank → traction → take-up one → roll up on the heat sealing machine → automatic heat sealing cutting → Adjust the distance between the heat seal fastness and the margin line → Counting and binding → punched into a vest-style shopping bag → Self-checking and punching symmetry → Counting and binding → boxing → human library Luoguo, mouth soil volume mouth に vest bag The resins are HDPE and LPPE serial ports (HPPE mostly uses thin film grade resins, such as the GF7140 hollow board equipment of the third chemical plant of Liaoyang Petrochemical Fiber Industry Corporation).

Blow molding by the methods described in Sections 2.1 and 2.2 in Chapter 2, except that after the film is cooled, it passes through the traction clip www.handern.com hollow plate equipment

2FTB (MFR is 7 g / 10min) of Yanshan Petrochemical General Chemical Plant.

Before the roll, add a carriage on the left and right sides of the film blank to fold a part of the film into the left and right sides of the film, so that the width area of the film can be reduced to 3/5. How much to fold depends on the specifications of the shopping bag. After folding the film, through the www.handern.com hollow board equipment


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