Chapter 5 Polyurethane and Other Plastic Films

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Chapter 5 Polyurethane and Other Plastic Films
The general plastic film, engineering plastic film, high barrier film and special engineering plastic sea film are discussed above.
The film discussed in Chapter cannot be included in the above-mentioned films, but its properties are special and it cannot be replaced by other plastic films.
Plastic films, namely polyurethane, acrylate and cellulose acetate films.
5.1 Polyurethane (PUR) film
Polyurethanes (PUR) discussed in this section are high-molecular chains containing many carbamic acid groups (-NHI-OO-O-).
5.1.1 Overview
A general term for polymers, which is usually produced by the interaction of a polyisocyanate with a compound or polymer containing a polyhydroxy group.
Soft or rigid polymers in a linear or body structure, namely thermoplastic and thermosetting polyurethanes. Polyurethane as packaging material
Esters, all of which are thermoplastic polyurethanes. The difference from general thermoplastics is that thermoplastic polyurethane is an elastomer.
5.1.2 Manufacturing of polyurethane film
A large amount of polyurethane film is prepared by calendering, extrusion blow molding and casting. The resin used is PUR elastomer
Such as the United States B.F. Goodrich Chemical Company produced under the trade name Estanepu. Extrusion grades are 58309, 58311
8360, 5887, suitable for film and sheet, the grade is 58092 injection molding grade, also suitable for film.
Examples of polyurethane elastic (TPU) film production:
1) Japan's Kurare company uses blow molding and has a small melt viscosity dispersion. Among them, it is used for food transportation.
Products, films for diapers, tubes for robots, etc. account for 80% to 90% of the total demand.
2) Dain Precision Chemical Co., Ltd. uses blow molding. Polyurethane has three grades, one of which is "Rezamin" F series, resistant to
Stress cracking can be blow-molded into a film with a thickness of 15-50m.
3) U.S. companies producing high-barrier films are produced by the blow molding method, and Bxby International companies are used in the casting method.
5.1.3 Properties of polyurethane film
Polyurethane film has the following characteristics
1) Gasoline resistance and oil resistance.
2) Excellent low temperature flexibility.
3) Abrasion resistance.
4) firmness, especially high tear resistance.
5) The conductivity can be adjusted more freely.
6) Packaging materials that comply with food hygiene laws.
The performance comparison with other packaging films is shown in Table 5-1-1.


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