Various shrink film

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Various shrink film

Polypropylene shrink film
Advantages of polypropylene shrink film: 1 transparency, gloss and cellophane; 2 elastic recovery, oil resistance, excellent resistance to abrasion, strong shrinkage stress. Disadvantages: low heat seal strength, high shrinkage temperature, and narrow range. Japan is used for general commercial packaging. The United States is used to package records and so on.
2. Polyvinylidene chloride
Mainly used for packaging meat products. As mentioned above, it is mostly used for the packaging of ham and sausage, so it is also commonly known as the casing film.
3. Polystyrene
Polystyrene shrink film is used to package lettuce and the like.
4. Polyester (PET) shrink film
PET shrink film has high transparency, high strength, good impact resistance, good toughness, good gloss, easy printing and high shrinkage. When shrinking labels for PET bottles, the shrinkage rate is over 70%. It has good dimensional stability and good heat resistance. It can be used for retort sterilization at 95 °C, retort sterilization at 120 °C and high temperature retort sterilization at 135 °C. The shrinkage stress is large, such as about 80 times C, which is about twice that of PVC, and about 100 to 5 times that of PVC at 100 °C. Therefore, it is suitable for larger shrinkage
Force packaging, such as packaging machinery products, building materials products.
5.EVA shrink film
EVA shrink film is characterized by large shrinkage stress, low heat sealing temperature and wide heat sealing temperature range.
The performance of EVA, with the increase of EVA content, the decrease of crystallinity, the increase of impact strength, the increase of transparency, the decrease of softening point, the widening of the melting point range, and the improvement of heat-sealing properties, it is very promising as a shrink film. The use of EVA shrink film mainly utilizes the characteristics of small shrinkage force, and is suitable for articles that are afraid of damage to the shape, and the packaging of the shaped articles or the shaped articles with protrusions after the packaging. It can also be used for shrink packaging of raw meat packaging, blankets and other fiber products, polyurethane products, etc. on the tray. The heat-sealing shrink film of EVA starts to shrink at 10 ° C or less, the shrinkage rate of high EVA content is nearly 60%, the shrinkage stress is smaller than that of polyethylene, and the transmittance to water vapor, air, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide is slightly larger than that of polyethylene.


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