Shrink film

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Shrink film
The shrink film is a film which shrinks in the longitudinal direction and the transverse direction under the conditions of use (the action of heat and external force), thereby shrinking or sealing the package, and maintaining the tension of the package for a long period of time. This functional film is different from other functional films that use a special function masterbatch or additive to obtain a specific function. Its shrinkage function mainly depends on the characteristics of the polymer itself and special molding process conditions.
Shrink film, including heat shrink film and stretch (cold) shrink film. The heat shrinkable film has a heat shrinking function by a directional stretching process and a "memory function" unique to the polymer. heat
The shrink film is divided into two-way (longitudinal and transverse) heat-shrinkable films (both longitudinal and transverse shrinkage, but not necessarily the same); one-way heat shrinkage (longitudinal or transverse heat shrinkage) film. The heat shrinkable film can be made into a single layer heat shrinkable film and a multilayer composite heat shrinkable film by selecting different equipment. According to different applications, the heat shrinkable film can be divided into a heavy-package heat shrinkable film (packaging film for packaging), a light-package heat shrinkable film (small package film), a heat shrinkable sleeve, and the like. The heat shrinkable film used in industrial production includes a cylindrical film, a sheet film, a film bag, and the like. The stretched (cold) shrink film is a sheet-like film which, relative to the heat-shrinkable film, can retract the packaging film of the package, which is also called a stretch film or a stretch film, without heating. It is an extremely thin film made of high elongation, puncture resistance and self-adhesiveness of a low-density polymer (or addition of a self-adhesive polymer). The stretch-shrink film is prepared by extrusion casting or extrusion blown film. Different equipment can be used to produce single-layer (double-sided self-adhesive) stretch shrink film, multi-layer composite (single side
Adhesive) stretch shrink film. According to different applications, the stretch shrink film is divided into a hand stretch shrink film, a pre-stretch machine stretch shrink film, an anti-condensation food wrap film, and the like. The shrink film is generally transparent to its original color.
Common plastics for manufacturing heat shrinkable films include: polyethylene (PE), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polypropylene
Alkene (PP), polystyrene (PS), styrene butadiene copolymer (BS), ethylene vinyl acetate copolymerization
(EVA), polyvinylidene chloride (PVDC), polyester (PET), and the like. The most used material is
LDPE heat shrinkable film and hard PVC heat shrinkable film.


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