Cast Film Extrusion Lamination Line

  • Extrusion Laminating Line
  • 01/06/2016

Modern extrusion lamination process is suitable for laminating a hot thin film onto various substrates, such as the PP, PE, BOPP, woven cloth, non-woven fabric, paper, and the aluminum foil. Made with patented technology, HANDERN extrusion lamination line produces quality extrusion laminated films with uniform thickness, strong layer adhesion and good sealing performance. It represents one of the most technically advantageous hot-melt laminating equipment. 

From unwinding the substrate, through lamination and shaping, to the final winding, there are advanced electrical and mechanical devices at each step of the way. The imported PLC system enables users to achieve both separate and overall control of the extruder, laminator, and various other machines. Double automatic feed rollers are available with deviation control devices that provide guiding and deviation correction functions. Automatic film roll replacement allows the slitter to cut the film at a high, constant speed even when the film roll needs replacing. This ensures our extrusion lamination line can produce high quality extrusion laminated films. 

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